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Terms of Reference

Updated 28/4/17


1.1       The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new right for community residents to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan to influence the future of the place where they live

Giving Communities More Power in Planning and Local Development

1.2       Provided a neighbourhood plan is in line with national and local planning policies and other legal requirements, residents will be able to vote on it in a referendum.  If the plan is approved by the majority of those who vote the local authority will bring the plan into force to supplement national and council planning requirements in making planning decisions for the plan area.

1.3       Shenley Parish Council applied for designation of a neighbourhood area for Shenley Village in October 2016.  After public consultation Hertsmere Borough Council approved the designation of the Shenley neighbourhood area on 8th February 2017,

Shenley Parish Council Statement on the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan

Hertsmere Borough Council approval

1.4       A Steering Group of volunteers representing the neighbourhood area will oversee development, consultation and referendum to complete the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.

  1. SCOPE

2.1       The Shenley neighbourhood area has been designated to apply to the village of Shenley including, with the agreement of Aldenham Parish Council, the Shenley Cricket Club (some of the land comprising Shenley Cricket Club crosses the boundary between Aldenham and Shenley Parishes).

2.2       The plan is expected to cover

  • Vision Statement
  • Green Belt Polices
  • Housing and Development
  • Housing objectives
  • Development, Re-use and Diversity
  • Non-residential Re-use and Development
  • Policies and design guidance
  • Roads, Transport & Parking
  • Road traffic provision and improvement
  • Public transportation
  • Parking
  • Footpaths, bridleways and cycle routes
  • Sustainability
  • Civic amenities, infrastructure and community resources
  • Plan monitoring and review

2.3       Consultations on the neighbourhood plan with residents and interested parties will be conducted through working groups, public meetings, workshops, surveys (paper and possibly on line), the Neighbourhood Plan section on Shenley village website, newsletters including Shenley Village Matters, the Parish Magazine and social media and email contacts.



3.1       The Steering Group will oversee preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan in line with the national and local requirements and co-ordination of working groups established to lead consultation and drafting of specific elements of the plan.

3.2       The neighbourhood plan development process should be:

  • Inclusive: open to all members of the community;
  • Relevant: providing guidance on important aspects of living and working in Shenley Village;
  • Positive: focussed on preserving the characteristics and amenities of Shenley valued by village residents and improving our future prospects.


  1. TASK

4.1       Work plan, working groups and work plan deadlines will be agreed by the Steering Group at the initial meeting.

4.2       Working with the Shenley Parish Council, Hertsmere Borough Council and other key partners the Steering Group will develop the Neighbourhood Plan and update the work plan.  Initial tasks will include:

  • Research and surveys
  • Planning a programme of consultation (meetings, workshops and consultations)
  • Overseeing working groups convened to investigate specific elements of the plan.
  • Developing consultation materials (e.g., surveys, policy analysis, and consultation drafts).
  • Drafting a vision of objectives for the plan
  • Preparation of a draft plan for consultation, examiner review and referendum
  • Maintaining details of meetings and consultations in the Neighbourhood Plan section of the Village website.




5.1       The Steering Group should consist of no more than twelve members, to include:

  • No more than five parish councillors;
  • Volunteers from local community groups
  • Volunteer residents

5.2       The Steering Group will be quorate when one third of the members are present

5.3       Agreement of the Steering Group can be sought using electronic means.

5.4       The Steering Group shall elect a chair and deputy from their number.  If the chair is not present the deputy chair shall take the meeting.

5.5       A nominated Parish Council Officer, Hertsmere Borough Council representative and consultant to support the Steering Group administration shall be non-voting members of the Steering Group.

5.6       The Steering Group will select individuals, Co-Ordinators, to take forward working groups on policy areas of the plan as needed.



6.1       A schedule for meetings should be agreed by the Steering Group and working groups and published on the website.  It may be necessary for some Steering Group members and/or working groups to meet more frequently in order to undertake specific tasks.

6.2       Meetings scheduled on the website will be open to the public.


7.1       The final makeup of the Steering Group will be sorted out shortly.  The initial Committee has been selected from those coming forward in response to public engagement efforts which took place last year.  We still need one more Committee member whom we hope will be selected from those who have expressed interest either on their Questionnaire, from those attending the Launch meeting on 5th April 2017 or as a result of the various articles in local newsletters/magazines.   At the Launch Meeting people signed up to join the four Working Parties and from 3/5/17 the first meetings have been held. Working Party Co-Ordinators for each group have been appointed (confirmed 26/4/17)

7.2       It is hoped that the Steering Group will produce a draft plan for the external review by the year-end 2017

7.3       Subject to the acceptance by the external examiner and Hertsmere Borough Council reviewer, it is hoped a public consultation on the plan can be completed in Q1 2018 and referendum to approve the plan held in Q2 2018.

7.4       The plan may be updated from time to time as the need to reconsider objectives and policies evolves, but in any case will probably be re-evaluated every five years.



8.1       The Steering Group will update the action plan and provide monthly progress reports to Shenley Parish Council and the website until the passage of the plan.

8.2       The website will be kept up to date with meeting dates, consultations, key information and developments and will encourage local engagement, participation and feedback.

8.3       Administrative support, meeting documentation, survey administration and website maintenance will be provided by Shenley Parish Council and a dedicated consultant where required.


9.1       An initial budget will be set by the Shenley Parish Council and further funds required from parish council balances must be approved in advance.  The initial budget will cover printing costs, website development and a consultant for administrative support to the Steering Group and working groups.  The first two grants from the Neighbourhood Planning and Community Building programme – Locality have been obtained.  The new funding will also allow for consultant assistance drawing up Policy and drafting the Neighbourhood Plan.,