FRIDAY 26th JULY 2019 at 7pm


Attendees:      Nicky Beaton (NB, Chair), Rosemary Gilligan (RG, Vice Chair), Richard Archer (RA), Gemma Archer (GA), Martin Finney (MF), Annie Keen (AK), Gavin O’Sullivan (GO) and Rachel Shaw (RS)



  1. Apologies: Maureen Ashman (MA) and William Susman (WS)
  1. Approval of previous Minutes (12th June): Minutes were approved.
  1. Hertsmere Borough Council SEA Screening Determination – Latest HBC email + advice from Angela Koch ImaginePlaces & David Carlisle AECOM.

Emails received from Ann Darnell (12th June) with comments about the revised SH2.4 wording plus other comments.  Email advice from David Carlisle and Mark Fessey AECOM dated 16th & 17th June and recent recommendations by Angela Koch were discussed.   RS feels we should consider Ann Darnells comments carefully particularly in relation to developers potentially taking advantage if our wording is not correct.   All agreed that David Carlisle’s wording is good and that it should replace current text.   SH2.4 approved text therefore is as follows:

SH2.4   Where development is in accordance with the NPPF, Hertsmere Local Plan and other policies in this plan, the use of the Neighbourhood Development Order or Community Right to Build Order route to seeking area-wide planning permission is supported and shall be explored. Development in the Shenley Special Policy Area must be in accordance with national and local policies for: Green Belt; the natural environment; and the historic environment (including designated and undesignated assets).

The Parish Council will continue to work positively with the Local Planning Authority through production of the Local Plan (and future reviews). Community engagement undertaken through the production of this neighbourhood plan has identified the Shenley Grange area as a potentially appropriate location for village expansion.  Should the need for changes to Green Belt and settlement boundaries be established through the Hertsmere Local Plan, the Parish Council will explore the possibility of addressing detailed amendments to Green Belt boundaries through non-strategic policies, including possible future updates to the neighbourhood plan (in accordance with paragraph 136 of the NPPF).

NB reminded everyone that the Shenley Plan is our plan.  We will get further comments during the Regulation 16 Consultation and no doubt make some more changes.  We believe that HBC are likely to give us their further comments on the last day of the Reg 16 as per the Reg 14 Consultation.  The Inspector will decide what final changes should be made.  We do not have to agree to every change Hertsmere suggest but it is prudent to make suggested changes where there is no major impact on the plan.

There was a discussion about the latest HBC Arup Green Belt assessment which now features a large area of Pursley Farm land.  A new option we haven’t been consulted about.  RG has noted that social housing based in Shenley is being advertised as ‘homes for Londoners’ on the Mayor of London’s website.   HBC seem to favour Site 4, the Pursley Farm land and Cowley Hill land.   We need to meet with them to get an update.

  1. Draft Consultation 16 Shenley Plan – Update:  NB will ask Angela to make the agreed changes to the Plan which can then be sent to Hertsmere Planning and can also be posted on the Village Website.   The revised Plan will be discussed at the meeting with Hertsmere on Friday 16th August at 10.30.  A representative from AECOM will attend the meeting with NB, RG, WS, MF and Borough Cllrs. Natalie Susman and Anthony Spencer.
  1. Revised Basic Conditions Statement & Revised Consultation Statement – Updates: Angela will be asked to make the corrections AK and MA have identified.
  1. Meetings – Feedback On 11th July NB and RG met Hugh Currie of SP Broadway representing Comer Homes, and Brian Comer regarding development on Rectory Farm, Site 3, for potentially 370 homes but ultimately many more as more land is available.  They have spoken to Natalie Susman recently and have had a meeting with Hertsmere County Council.  They want their site allocated and would like the Community to support it.  ‘They will not be building behind people’s gardens and they believe that traffic would mostly be to the M25.  They propose up to 500 but does not have to be so many.  They could offer a new school.  Any offer would depend on numbers of houses built.  RG commented that there is a need for a High School.   Brian offered to take the Steering Group to visit the Comer development in Bushey.  They will keep us posted re how they get on with Planning.   As RG said at the last meeting – Comer land has been highlighted as important and historic (Black Lion Hill to the Cemetery) so it will probably not go forward but it is good to know what is happening.

NB met Eddie McGuire briefly on 19/7.   He is hoping to sign an agreement to work with Thakenham shortly.  He is keen for Thakenham to start discussions with Hertsmere Planning.  The last time he spoke to Planning was at the Hertsmere Consultation at Shenley Primary School in November.  Eddie says he will keep us informed.

A general discussion was had about HBC’s latest Green Belt Assessment C.   RG thinks that Site 4 and Cowley Hill Land is being considered plus land up Bucketsland Lane and believes that they are the most likely sites.   RS has been told that Borough Councillors on the Planning Committee have been taken on a tour of possible sites.   We continue to feel very threatened.   AK asked if HBC have told us how many homes we will have to have.  NB explained that HBC will not give us an indicative figure despite numerous requests.  They will be asked again at the meeting on 16th August.

  1. Next Public Meeting:   Cannot be fixed until we have a clearer idea when the Reg. 16 Consultation will take place.   We have plenty of time to plan the Reg 16 Survey.


  1. Any Other Business – RG had a phone call with Locality in the morning. Funding has been agreed for AECOM to do an SEA for us which will cover all the sites mentioned in the AECOM Site Allocation Report plus all new sites which have come forward since the report was done.
  1. Date of Next Meeting: September tbc