WEDNESDAY 12TH JUNE 2019 at 7pm 


Attendees:      Nicky Beaton* (NB, Chair), Rosemary Gilligan* (RG, Vice Chair), Richard Archer* (RA), Gemma Archer* (GA), Rachel Shaw* (RS)* + , William Susman* (WS, Chair Parish Council),   Sharon Madsen (SM)  *denotes Steering Group  + denotes attended part of the meeting



  1. Apologies: Maureen Ashman*,  Annie Keens*, Sharon Madsen    Not present: Martin Finney*, Julie Lloyd, Jonathan Bonn.
  1. Approval of previous Minutes (26th March): Minutes were approved.


  1. New Steering Group Members: Cllrs. William Susman, Annie Keens & Jonathan Bonn have now joined Cllr. Rosemary Gilligan and Gavin O’Sullivan on the Shenley Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Working Party.   WS attended the meeting and was duly proposed and seconded to join the Steering Group.  Annie Keen has already been doing Plan and Statement proof reading and has had an hours NP briefing by NB so she was duly proposed and seconded.  Jonathan Bonn needs to attend a meeting before he is proposed.
  1. Hertsmere Borough Council SEA Screening Determination & Our Response: Emails received from Ann Darnell (23rd May) with the HBC Screen Determination and recent recommendations by Angela Koch and David Carlisle were discussed.   NB and RG also briefed those present about the meeting last week with Angela.   NB handed out copies of Angela’s suggested response to HBC.  Both Angela and David feel that the majority of HBC’s requests can be accommodated without compromising the Reg 16 Plan.  The steering committee approved Angela Koch’s suggested response.  NB has suggested that we have a Survey Monkey survey similar to the one organised for the Reg 14 Consultation.  Angela agreed that it was a good idea and suggested we mention it to Hertsmere in our response.

(The agreed letter with minor tweaking was sent out 13th June.  HBC have responded requesting a copy of the revised Plan.  This will be sent next week.  They will then consult with Historic England and come back to us with a renewed determination – hopefully saying we don’t need an SEA!).

There was a discussion about the latest HBC Arup Green Belt assessment which now features a large area of Pursley Farm land.  A new option we haven’t been consulted about.  RG has noted that social housing based in Shenley is being advertised as ‘homes for Londoners’ on the Mayor of London’s website.   HBC seem to favour Site 4, the Pursley Farm land and Cowley Hill land.   We need to meet with them to get an update.

  1. Draft Consultation 16 Shenley Plan – Update:  At the meeting with Angela last week all the comments made by everyone, all the typos etc were dealt with.   After getting Steering Group approval she will make all the agreed changes as per HBC’s Screening Determination response.   The revised Plan will be ready by the middle of next week and it will be posted on the village website by RA.

NB asked if the Oct 2016 Questionnaire Comments were on the website.  RA confirmed that they are.  RG checked and found them.

  1. Revised Basic Conditions Statement – Update: Angela will make final revisions so that it can be put on the website at the end of the month.
  1. Revised Consultation Statement Version 1.3 – Update: Bearing in mind the latest developments Angela will make the necessary amendments and then it can be put on the website at the end of the month.
  1. Meetings – Feedback: NB had a meeting with Fairfax Homes re Andrew Cohen land on 31 May.  Fairfax requested the meeting.  They are working on a proposed a site for 160 homes on the Shenley borders (Stapleton Road) and have done the landscape transport and access reports.  The Cohen fields down Radlett lane are not now being considered.   They are interested in doing a Design Day and will keep us informed.   It is not likely that Borehamwood residents will be happy with the proposed development.   The Steering Group and SPC feel it is good to be kept in the loop.

Eddie McGuire’s update is that he still might want to do an NDO and has agreed to work with Thakenham.  Bob Prince does not want to proceed, however, so the only land freely available will be Eddie’s 20 acres.   Eddie has said that if development goes ahead on his land then the plan will include providing a new village centre which will be plumbed, wired and plastered but not fitted.   RS commented that if the land and building is donated then SPC should be able to get match funding.   If Eddie and Thakenham make progress re an NDO they will have to liaise with Shenley Parish Council.  The Shenley Plan cannot allocate sites.

RG says the Comer land has been highlighted as important and historic (Black Lion Hill to the Cemetery) and so it will probably not go forward.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan Stand at Shenley Fete on Sunday 23rd June:  RG is away until late eve on Saturday 22nd, she was going to print out A3 copies of Reg 16 Plan for display boards.

Actions agreed.  NB is busy doing Fete business so can do little to help.

  • NB confirmed we will have 3 tables and 2 gazebos in position on Fete day morning.
  • GS to collect display boards on Thursday 20th. He needs to contact HBC to confirm time and deliver them to NB.
  • WS to print off the pieces of the revised plan Angela sends us next week onto 150mm paper when he is notified of which pages to print by NB/RA/GA. 150mm paper will mean laminating not required.

There was some discussion of what pages to display and the following was agreed:

  • The summary page with the key policies
  • A few other pages of more detail – but ones with the pictures that break up the text.
  • Shenley design principles and code
  • The appendix map showing the SSPA
  • RA and GA to set up the boards on Saturday. The boards will have been delivered to NB’s house (will be under the Beaton Carport).

Manning the stall on the day:

  • RG, RA and GA are going to be around on the day. RG will be at the stand all afternoon.  (RS, with apologies, will be on a school trip in Tamil Nadu).
  1. Next Public Meeting:   All things working in our favour re the SEA we may be able to have the Reg. 16 Consultation in August/September in which case we will have a Public meeting in September.   NB will be away for 3 weeks in October.

It was agreed that it would be best to have the next meeting at the Village Hall rather than The Chapel.  It seems to work better.

The Presentation will be filmed but not the Question and answer sessions (GDPR).   We will do the presentation in a similar way to the one done on 6th November last year which was particularly successful.   The film will be put onto the Website and posted on

Facebook.  It was agreed that WS would close the meeting with a request that residents complete our Reg. 16 Survey and make responses to Hertsmere.  NB as Steering Group Chair will do the introduction.

  1. Any Other Business: NB said we need to have a meeting with HBC Planning.  She requested one a while ago by email but has not had a response.  Another request will be sent.  WS reminded us that meetings with HBC are meant to take place monthly.  This was agreed at the meeting with HBC on 7th December but has not happened.  The last meeting was on 29th March.
  1. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 18th July