MONDAY 18th FEBRUARY 2019 at 7PM


Attendees:      Nicky Beaton* (NB, Chair), Martin Finney* (MF), Rosemary Gilligan* (RG, Vice Chair), Richard Archer* (RA), Rachel Shaw* (RS), Julie Lloyd (JL), Angela Koch (AK), Gavin O Sullivan (GS*), William Susman (WS), Amanda Leboff (AL)   *denotes Steering Group

Apologies:      Sharon Madsen, Gemma Archer*

Minutes and Action Points from 07/01/19:

  1. Approval of previous minutes:  Minutes of the meeting on 7th January 2019.
    1. Date on minutes to be corrected
  1. Point 4 – MF informed there are 443 TPOs on the old hospital site. It was AGREED that AL and WS would check the list of TPOs that are on the proposed sites.
  1. HBC consultation schedule – it was suggested it doesn’t look like there will be any further consultation before Draft Plan published.
  1. The draft letter to be signed by SPC confirming that the NP cannot and does not allocate sites has not yet been actioned by AK

Action Points

  1. Revised Draft Shenley Plan
  • Objective 13 now includes Radlett Lane, Woodhall Lane and Green Street
  • Harris Lane has now been added to the list of Priority projects
  • SH1 noted the pictures currently included show the diversity already existing in the village.
  • Policy SH4 – AGREED the need to increase 1-3 bed homes and more affordable homes. AK noted the importance of being able to extend homes.
  • Suggested to add the sentence “development will be considered on own individual merit”
  • In advance of the health check on Thursday 21st Feb it was AGREED the following Steering Group members will be responsible for a specific Policy section/s as listed: –
    • SH1 Rural Character and SH3 New Rural Edge Code MF
    • SH2 Rural Building Code RS
    • SH4 Housing Mix and Choices                         RG
    • SH5 Connecting Shenley Village and SH6 Community

Infrastructure facilities                                                           NB

  • SH7 Local knowledge for Good Design and SH8 Building

for life 12 Quality mark                                                          RA

All to prepare accordingly.

  • Steering Group AGREED with changes to the plan and APPROVED the draft plan to be tabled at the Health Check on 21st
  • AK to see if Regulation 16 and the SEA consultation can be run simultaneously.
  • Steering Group AGREED AK can pass on the SNP to Senior Government planner. She thinks many villages will want to use our Plan as a template.
  1. Basic conditions Statement
  • The minor adjustments that had been made were APPROVED
  1. Revised Consultation Statement Version 1.3
  • This was APPROVED
  1. Health Check -Thursday 21st Feb
  • Agreed AL will purchase refreshments for the meeting
  1. Landmark Chambers Advice
  • Meeting questioned the advice given which suggested we cannot carry out an NDO and keep it in the greenbelt.
  • Advice suggested the development numbers were too dense for the greenbelt in Shenley
  1. Hertsmere Borough council
  • Still ongoing issues
  1. Meeting with Aecon, HBC & NDO
  • NB hoping to confirm a date for a meeting in mid-March
  1. AECOM
  • Confirmed they will look at our case and assist


  1. Communication
  • SM’s article will be published in the Feb edition of SVM
  • Next Public Meeting to be arranged, most likely early April


  1. Any Other Business
  • Group hug


  1. Date of next meeting
  • Next Steering Group meeting – Tuesday 26th