On Thursday 5th December 2018 at 7pm


Attendees:                              Gemma Archer (ST), Richard Archer (ST), Maureen Ashman (ST), Nicky Beaton (ST) (Chair), Martin Finney (ST), Rosemary Gilligan (ST), Sharon Madsen, Gavin O’Sullivan and Rachel Shaw (ST).

(Angela Koch was present as the NP advisor & Amanda Leboff was present to take the minutes)

(ST) denotes member of the Steering Group

  1. Apologies for absence: Julie Lloyd and William Susman
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of Meetings on 5th November 2018 were approved.
  3. Steering Group – New Member proposed

Following a proposer and a seconder Martin Finney was duly elected on to the Steering Group.

  1. Locality and Landmark Chambers Feedback

RG informed the meeting that she is waiting for the quote from Landmark Chambers.  The locality and technical support funding has been approved.


A          Manorial Waste Records – Amanda was asked to see if there is an existing list

B          Local green space designation – need to have about 10 special sites such as The Spinney, The old Village Green (corner of Pound Lane and Rectory lane)

C          Special policy areas – in case the Village envelope doesn’t work, perhaps special policy areas can be used.

D          Emphasis on using current reports to support the Neighbourhood Plan and Village Envelope.

E          Independent Health Check to be carried out

F          Request for the Steering Group to look over Shenley Plan Vision and Objectives as amendments have been made.

G          Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement are currently being worked on.  Feedback is needed before Christmas.  Please ignore typos at this point.  Please focus on areas of Steering Group comments

H          Guy Beaton to proof read the Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement

I           Air quality not currently mentioned in the documents – RG to contact HBC Environmental Health regarding this.

J           Continue to encourage submissions on HBC’s Local plan.  RS and SM to continue to publish information to help people comment.

K          Tree Preservation Orders – A form to be completed needs to be located on HBC’s website.  MA to see if she has a map of existing TPO’s.  Amanda to request an up to date list of TPO’s from HBC.

L          Another public meeting to be held mid Feb 2019

M         House of Commons debate on 25th January 2019 discussing Neighbourhood plan.

  1. 5. Date of next meeting: MONDAY 7th JANUARY 2019