On Thursday 11th October 2018 at 7pm


Attendees:      Gemma Archer (SG), Richard Archer (SG), Maureen Ashman (SG), Nicky Beaton (SG-Chair), Rosemary Gilligan (SG-Vice Chair), *Chris Griggs, Julie Lloyd, Andrea Howlett, Sharon Madsen, Eddie McGuire, Rachel Shaw (SG) and William Susman (SPC Chair)

(Angela Koch was present as the NP advisor & Amanda Leboff was present to take the minutes)

* was present for part of the meeting

(SG) denotes member of the Steering Group

  1. Apologies for absence:  Gavin O’Sullivan (SG) and Nigel Heller
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of Meetings on 3rd September 2018 were approved.
  3. Changes to Steering Group

Nicky Beaton informed the meeting that Steve Bury has stepped down from the Steering Group.  By unanimous approval Rachel Shaw has now joined the Steering Group.


A          Rachel to contact Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) for clarification on “smaller sites” and whether these will be considered for development

B          It was agreed that the following documents would be dissected into bullet points for the public. This is to encourage and motivate people to comment on:-

  • Shenley Neighbourhood Plan
  • Neighbourhood Development Order
  • Strategic Local Plan

C          It was agreed that there will be a public meeting prior to the HBC Planning’s Exhibition at Shenley Primary School on 21/11/18.  The Exhibition is part of their ‘engagement on Potential sites for housing and employment’ in Hertsmere.   The Public meeting will be held prior to the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 6th November.  It will explain to residents what HBC will be presenting and what the difference is to the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.   People will be urged to complete the HBC survey.  The meeting will be organised by GA, RA, SM, RS and RG.  They will meet at the Methodist Church on 22/10/18 to sort out the presentation and plan how best to communicate as clearly and straightforwardly all the information residents need to know.   They will agree a communication plan

D          It was agreed that there is a needs to be an explanation why the proposed changes to the  “Village Envelope” do not constitute a PREFERED site allocation through the Shenley Plan.

E          Angela will produce one spreadsheet with all the Regulation 14 comments that have been received.  It will also include how the comments have been dealt with.  She will also prepare a Consultation Statement and a Basic Conditions Statement required as documents to move to Regulation 16.  The Consultation Statement  will be presented at the Steering Group meeting on 5th November.

F          It was suggested there should be a Presentation as to why all of site 4 was recommended by Aecom, part of site for is now proposed by HBC and why the  Parish Council principally supports this in the Shenley Plan

G          For the Neighbourhood Development Order it was suggested the landowners be asked to produce a 2 page document highlighting their own Vision and Statement of Intend for their sites – what they want the land for and for publication.

H          It was suggested there should be another Design Day for Site 4 for people to look at the land and the possibilities.   The landowners are considering this as they will cover the majority of the cost.

I           Tree Preservation Orders need to be applied for, for  important trees on the lands on ALL the suggested sites that may or may not be developed.

J           The question of what is being done for children in the Neighbourhood Plan needs to be considered as well as more improvement projects relevant to Porters Park.

K          Grants – Rosemary is still applying for assistance.  We may be able to get some help with regard to the difficulties we are having with Hertsmere Planning.

L          It was agreed that instead of trying to get My Community to organise a Healthcheck which could take time and delay the progress of the Plan, monies have been included in the Plan budget so we will commission a HEALTHCHECK for the Neighbourhood Plan – to have an independent  review before it is finalised and moves on to the Regulation 16 consultation carried out by HBC. .

M         Nicky is chasing Hertsmere Planning to provide us with the indicative housing numbers for Shenley (requested by the end of October).   Planning have been asked to prepare for the Shenley Plan SEA to commence in early December and have been informed that we wish the revised final Shenley Plan to be presented to the HBC Executive Committee at their January 2019 meeting.  They have been notified that we wish our Regulation 16 consultation to start next January or soon after HBC Executive Committee meeting .

  1. 10. Date of next meeting: MONDAY 5th NOVEMBER