On Tuesday 3rd September 2018 at 7pm


Attendees: Gemma Archer, Richard Archer Nicky Beaton (Chair), Rosemary Gilligan (Vice), Steve Bury.    Rachel Shaw, James Craig and Chris Griggs were also in attendance.

  1. Apologies for absence: Maureen Ashman, Gavin O’Sullivan and Andrea Howlett.
  2. Approval of previous meeting Minutes on 2nd August 2018 – Minutes approved.

SB was not at the meeting on 2nd August so he could not comment re Minutes but he questioned why Site 4 is the preferred site and asked why Pursley Farm and Comer land were not.  NB, RS and RA pointed out that there had been a great deal of consultation via Working parties and Steering Group meetings and Public meetings.    A lot of time was spent talking about the sites and reasons for Site 4 being the preferred site.  The Aecom Site Assessment Report Jan 2018 identifies Site 4 as being the most suitable to meet identified housing need.  NB commented that SB had not attended many Steering Group meetings recently and asked whether he had been reading the Minutes.  Things have moved on.  He agreed that he was not up to speed for various reasons.  At the end of the meeting he said he will think about whether he can continue being a member of the Steering Group.  NB & RG offered to have a meeting with him to bring him up to speed.

  1. Important Meetings Feedback:  NB mentioned that the meeting that was planned with HBC Planning Department on 22nd August was cancelled the day before.  Ann Darnell said that Planning thought it would be better to have a meeting after they had sent written comments re the Shenley Plan Reg 14 consultation.  The meeting will now be on 10th October.   We have asked them to give their Reg. 14 response by 28th September which is our new deadline.   NB read out an email from Ann dated 23rd August in which they reminded us we have to have regard to national policies and be in general conformity with the strategic polices in the Local Plan particularly Policy CS13 relating to Green Belt restrictions limiting development in Shenley to limited infilling within the village envelopes.  They say that they do not consider an extension to the village envelope or the seeking of an NDO to be consistent with this policy.  They say that they are seeking ‘further advice to providing a formal response’ so they can provide us with constructive comments in this respect in order for our plan to progress through to adoption.   Having taken advice from our Consultant Angela Koch NB responded by reminding them of their obligations and requesting that they give us indicative numbers as soon as possible.
  2. Hertsmere Planning Feedback – No meeting until 10th October.
  3. Neighbourhood Development Order – Update We now know that we can proceed with an NDO. We have been doing some work to find out what we have to do.  We have only just started.  Shenley Parish Council have to drive it as only they can do them, not Local Authorities.   NB will ask the Parish Council to give the go ahead to start the process at the SPC meeting on 4 September.  NB will also ask SPC to adopt the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan as the new Parish Plan.

Chris Griggs asked if the NDO could risk opening up Site 4 for 500 homes plus.  RG & NB reiterated that the Aecom Housing Needs report says that we only need 220 homes to meet our needs.  RG said Shenley does not have accept HBC’s large numbers.  They have to come up with evidence to justify their high figure.   RG is in contact with Locality to get some advice for us.  We need some legal help.  Locality can help us by meeting Hertsmere Planning with us.   RG said that the NPPF is all about sustainable evidence.

  1. Public Meeting on Thursday 13th September – GA & RA confirmed that they are not able to help on the 13th as they are away. More help will be needed to put out chairs etc.  The presentation will not be a repeat of the one on 7th June.  Angela will cover the Design Day and Neighbourhood Development Orders plus give feedback re survey responses to date.
  2. Shenley Plan 1st Draft Survey – Numbers Completed to Date & Survey Results & Comments so far: 78 surveys have been completed so far, 72 on line and 6 physical surveys.   GA suggested that we analysis all the comments so far and have a FAQ (Frequently asked questions) at the Public Meeting last week.   NB asked RA if he could print out the comments but he couldn’t, we need Angela Koch to do it for us.  RA will ask.   So far the response is supportive with the average answers being well over 4 Stars.  RA said we have close to overwhelming support.   It was noted that there do seem to be some misunderstandings.  It was agreed that we need to fill the gaps.  We need to raise understanding as to how some decisions have been made.   GA suggested that we have a FAQ at the meeting on 13th.  This was agreed.  She will analyse the comments when she gets them and come up with some for the meeting.   These will be covered after Angela’s presentation, before the Q&A.

The Regulation 14 consultation will now end on 28th September rather than the 15th September which is only 2 days after the Public meeting on 13th September.  It will give everyone more time to complete the survey.  We need as much feedback as possible.

  1. Finance – Monies Remaining & New Grant Options – No time to discuss.
  2. Any Other Business – No time.
  3. Date of next meeting:    In October, tba.


RA/GA  – Provide a full list of on line survey comments for FAQs and prepare some FAQs.   NB will list physical copy comments.  RG/NB & RS to contribute.   RA/GA to put Meeting Invitation on Website plus notices on Facebook pages.

NB – To complete meeting arrangements.  Collect Display boards from HBC, collect NP Display board and Projector screen from Pavilion.  Make sure plenty of notices on Facebook pages in meeting week.  Do introduction.  Email HBC reminding them of Reg 14 deadline 28/9.   Complete numerous meeting notes.

RG –  My Community – Carry on with funding request and assistance re problems with HBC.  Legal advice quote from Landmark Chambers.