On Tuesday 22nd May 2018 at 7pm



Gemma Archer, Richard Archer, Nicky Beaton (Chair), Rosemary Gilligan (Vice) and Gavin O’Sullivan.    Angela Howlett was also in attendance.

  1. Apologies for absence: Maureen Ashman.   Steve Bury not present.
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of Meetings on 14th May 2018 were approved.
  3. Working Draft Plan 2 – Discuss Comments: There was a general discussion. It was agreed that the suggested settlement boundary change proposed by our consultant Angela Koch should not include the short strip of Pursley Farm land connecting Pursley Cottages with Nursery Close.  Angela reason’s for including the piece of land are that it would provide a line of affordable terraced houses in keeping with properties on either side which would also help to stop further development on the rest of the Pursley Farm field.  The Group feel that this idea is too risky.  If any houses are built in the field it could easily lead to a larger development in the fields which would not be supported by the community.   Hertsmere Borough Council have included Pursley Farm land in their Green Belt Review.  The fields are owned by Hertfordshire County Council.  The other recommendation to have the settlement boundary include land west of London Road, ‘Shenley Grange’ land is acceptable for all the good reasons mentioned in the Draft Plan.  The Aecom Housing Needs Assessment report tells us that we need 220 homes for our needs and gives us the mix of housing required.  This could be satisfied in the ‘Shenley Grange area’.  It is the favoured site in Aecom’s Site Allocation Report (Site 4).   All agree that any development on Site 4 would have to protect the Spinney and spinney path.  Angela will be asked to change to Site 4 boundary on her map as it seems to go through the Spinney and must run along the edge.   Anyone seeing it will be concerned that the Spinney is threatened.  It will be protected at all costs as will the path.

It was agreed that the information in S3 Housing Mix needs to be reviewed.  Parts don’t seem quite right.  The section will be checked.   Also references to Porters Park need to reflect sensitivities.

GO asked whether allotment land could be considered for development.  NB & RG reminded the group that they had a meeting with James Craig a few months ago.  He suggested that the allotments could be relocated to land behind Porters Park which he now has the option to develop.  He also suggested that Shenley Primary School could be relocated to new premises there too.  It is not felt that the Community would support this idea.   Developing the land behind Porters Park will make the Porters Park development an even bigger urban development, a bigger urban bulge making the village more out of proportion.   The Cowbank path walk would be blighted.

  1. Public Meeting on 7th June – Publicity: NB organised flyers and banners.  Flyers have been distributed to all households (on 22nd) and on 23rd/24th May the 3 banners will be ready to put up.  NB & Guy Beaton will put them up.   It was agreed that RA will do a mail out to all those on the Mail Chimp list, the largest NP list we have (compiled from the Housing Needs Survey).  This will be done before Friday.  NB to send RA plainer version of the Flyer.  Concern expressed about Green and red on flyer and banner in relation to those who are colour blind being able to read it.  AH’s husband told us it is ok.  Needs be considered re future publicity.   NB has arranged for the flyer to be pinned at the top of the Council Facebook page and it has been posted on My Shenley and My Community Facebook pages.  A4 posters have been put on all key noticeboards.
  2. Public Meeting on 7th June – Plan of Action: No meeting before the 7th June. NB will complete arrangements.  Confirmation needed re numbers of tables and chairs available plus if there is a screen for the presentation.   AH thinks we should provide teas and coffees.  WI not available to help as their 90th Anniversary Meeting clashes with our meeting.  Good idea but who will do it?  NB will investigate options.  Fete urn is not accessible.  May have to limit refreshments to cold drinks, crisps, pretzels and biscuits.   Angela Koch has said that we need to have A3 size copies of the Draft Plan on display in which case we need display boards.  NB to investigate.    RA, GA & AH not available prior to 7th but will help on day.
  3. Business’ – Survey Progress: Phil Diamond has given us the Gateway Surgery response, very useful information.  Gristwood & Toms have sent theirs in, this was read out.  GO has visited all businesses near Clore Shalom, Crown Pharmacy and Top Wok.  He will go to Shenley Glass & Coombe Electrical.  NB has given surveys to DGS Financial and Barkers Estate Agents.  Business’ at Pursley Farm need to be visited plus AT Bone need to be chased.  Road Runners/Road Tech also need a survey.
  4. Any Other Business: None
  5. Date of next meeting: 7th June Public Meeting at the Chapel.   5.30pm set up starts.

Next Steering Group Meeting:  Tuesday 19th June, 7pm Methodist Church to arrange Fete launch tbc



NB to complete arrangements for meeting on 7th June

NB to arrange meeting with HBC before meeting on June 7th if possible