On Tuesday 24th April 2018 at 7pm



*30 + members of the public and Steering group members Gemma Archer, Richard Archer, Maureen Ashman, Nicky Beaton (Chair), *Steve Bury, Rosemary Gilligan, Michael Hore, Gavin O’Sullivan – Phil Diamond stayed throughout as did Andrea Howlett (Working Party member) Peter Wayne (Parish and Borough Councillor) attended the presentation & Q&A.

(Amanda Leboff was present to take the minutes)

(* denotes attended for only part of the meeting)

    1. Introduction & Briefing re meeting with Hertsmere Planning on 10th April 2018

      NB welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that the 1st draft of the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan would be presented by Angela Koch of ImaginePlaces and following this there would be a Steering Group Meeting. Members of the Public were welcome to stay for the Steering Group meeting but they were not obliged to.NB asked that people post their comments on the boards around the room and answer the short surveys available.NB took this opportunity to thank Aldenham Parish Council for all their help and support in preparing the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan. Thanks also had to go to Angela for all her hard work.

      NB updated the meeting with regards to the meeting with Hertsmere Planning on the 10/04/18. At this meeting they were informed of all the sites that had been put forward in Shenley for proposed development. In September 2018 Hertsmere will release which are the preferred sites. NB showed the meeting the map which highlighted all the sites.

      NB informed the meeting that the Aecom site allocation report for Shenley has been received. This highlights the development of 220 houses or 14 a year for the 15-year period of the new local plan expected start 2019) to be developed in Shenley (as the report is unconstrained by other planning rules. E.g. green belt which may make further development difficult there is clearly a considerable difference in the number being proposed by Hertsmere. The Housing Needs Assessment still needs to be approved.

      RG then went through the sites that had been put forward for development, highlighting that Hertfordshire County Council have said any of their land can be used for development.

      RG said that Neighbourhood Plans were moving up in the Governments priority and Greenbelt land still has a sway. If land is needed to be developed for housing hopefully it will be the least intrusive site. Hertsmere Borough Council may take land out of the greenbelt in order to develop. However, RG felt that the Shenley neighbourhood plan is in a good position to question Hertsmere Borough Council’s housing numbers – primarily due to the Aecom report. Now we know the proportion of Shenley related to the rest of the borough. We are 4% =220. 96% the rest of the borough and AECOM using the latest government formula and relating that to Hertsmere’s emerging local plan, we feel that the figure of 6000, as shown in the governments white paper, and various other calculations is more achievable across the borough, than the 9000 Hertsmere keeps saying they need.

      With the supply to 2027 being taken from brown field sites there is only another 1000 to find.

    2. Presentation of Draft Neighbourhood Plan by Angela Koch – ImaginePlaces

      The meeting received the draft Neighbourhood plan from Angela Koch.

    3. Neighbourhood Development Orders

      Angela explained the Neighbourhood Development Order and how this may help Shenley. By using a NDO, land could be released for the housing needed by the village, but the village and all the rest of the land would remain in the greenbelt and therefore it would still have the barrier of the green belt to cross in the future.

  1. Questions and Answers

    The floor was open up to questions regarding the plan.Residents were concerned about the development at the back of London Road and the potential loss of the Spinney. RG said the walk way of the Spinney was protected.Residents questioned Porters Park and suggested the planting of more trees to make it look more rural.Residents were upset at the amount of land that had been put forward for development.

  2. Apologies for absence

    Robert Perlmutter. Michael Hore attended the presentation but not the Steering Group meeting.

  3. Approval of previous minutes

    Minutes of Meetings on 20th February 2018 were approved.

  4. Steering Group – Changes

    NB informed the meeting about the resignation of Helen Hussain from the Steering Group and as Vice Chair of the group. Also Robert Perlmutter has resigned due to moving to Radlett. James Hulme now spends little time in the village and therefore cannot give time to the Steering Group. As such there are vacancies for three Steering Group members to bring Group numbers up to 10. NB does not think we can get the number up to 12. After a mailout to all on the NP mail list interest has been shown by Phil Diamond and Zoe Beeson. Following a proposer and a seconder Rosemary Gilligan was elected as vice-chair of the steering group.

  5. Angela Koch’s quote – Discussion and Vote

    NB informed the meeting that Angela had been given approved to go ahead with final work on the Working Draft Plan & Presentation despite there being a shortfall of funds. The Parish Council were approached and agreed to an additional £15,000, as well as the original £5,000 they agreed to give. It was NOTED that funds to complete the Plan are going to be very tight. Following a brief discussion Angela’s quote was APPROVED.It was at this point that RA & GA were thanked for all their work regarding the Housing & Development Questionnaire which has been highly commented on by outside bodies.

  6. Neighbourhood Plan Grants/Finance – Update

    RG is going to apply for an additional £2,000. She will see if we can get any other specialist reports done.

  7. Aecom Housing Needs Assessment – Draft – Brief Summary

    The meeting were encouraged to read the Aecom report asap which highlights the fact they suggest the need for only 220 houses to be developed in Shenley. RG needs group comments to give to Aecom quickly. RA AGREED to put the Site Allocation Report on the website immediately and the Housing Needs Assessment when approved.

  8. Vision & Objectives – Revised – Discussion & Vote

    RG was pleased to see that Angela had taken a good grasp of peoples comments. GO questioned the lack of use of the buses. This was then discussed and agreed that the route is well used in surrounding areas. RG suggested that if development were to occur then developers can be asked to fund additional bus routes.PD wanted to see the addition of a comment stating LIMITED DEVELOPMENT. This led on to a discussion on what wording would be accepted. RG said it would not be accepted.

    It was AGREED that everyone would look through the Vision & Objectives and come back with their comments in advance of the next meeting. It was AGREED that Angela would send NB and RG the draft document which will then be forwarded to the Steering Group.

  9. Summary of other Meetings

    The Public Meeting in the Chapel will take place at the beginning of June. Dates were suggested (3rd or 13th June). NB will talk to the Chapel and will confirm a date.

  10. Business – Survey

    PD is helping with the business survey. He has improved the survey. GO will also make visits. More help is needed.

  11. Plan of Action

    Angela suggested a soft launch in June and a proper launch in July, with the consultation period ending mid-September. Hertsmere Borough Council will advertise the call for sites in September. Angela suggested getting lots of feedback on all the suggested sites. Angela also confirmed that the draft report from Aecom can be published.

  12. Any Other Business

    Angela suggested contacting those who were involved in the Harperbury Free School to see if any of their documentation would be helpful.

  13. Date of next meeting

    Monday 14th May 2018 at 7pm


NB:         To confirm date of Public meeting
RG:         To apply for additional £2,000 grant.
RA:         To put information on website including Site Allocation Report & Housing Needs Assessment