on Tuesday 16th November at 7pm


Attendees: Maureen Ashman, Nicky Beaton (Chair), Rosemary Gilligan and Steve Bury

  1. Apologies for absence: Richard & Gemma Archer, Helen Hussain, Gavin O’Sullivan, Robert Perlmutter, Michael Hore
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of Meetings on 17th October 2017 approved.
  3. Recent Meetings – Briefing by NB & RG: Meeting with Angela Koch (our Consultant) on 23/10 and with her & Eddie McGuire (landowner of The Grange) on 27/10. Angela recommended that we work with St Albans and Radlett. She does not think that Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) Planning Dept. are following due process. RG & NB met Viv Charratt, Radlett Neighbourhood Plan – Unfortunately Radlett do not feel as threatened as us and so do not see the need for us to work together, they are not unhappy with the number of homes proposed for their area. She says that HBC have done a Green Belt Review. Where is it? They told Viv they did a bit in the Spring and Ann Darnell told her they only plan to use 5% of the Green Belt. All the information we have gathered indicates HBC want to build large number of homes on Shenley Green Belt. We need to see the GB review.In terms of HBC’s areas of search in Shenley the old ‘Grange’ land between London Road and the Spinney would least affect the village and could present an opportunity to balance the growth of Shenley uniting two parts of the village old and new along the core spine of London Road. Eddie McGuire and his neighbour Bob Prince are interested in putting their land forward for development. Eddie is interested in leaving a ‘legacy’ and would want a good development that works for the village. He favours the idea of a ‘retirement’ development. The idea of Shenley Primary School being relocated was discussed (the Head Teacher and Governors would like new purpose built facilities as the current site has major restraints). Angela Koch’s report was briefly discussed and everyone looked at the main site map she prepared. Report will be discussed in more detail at next meeting which hopefully will be better attended. RG & NB need to talk to Hertfordshire County Council Education Dept. It would seem to present a good opportunity for the School, would help improve traffic flow through the village, enable the Village to have better community facilities plus a proper Parish Council office facilities.RG commented that Hertsmere’s homes don’t have to be built in our Borough. HBC can come to an arrangement with another Borough. It is looking like the Freight terminal will not happen and Taylor Wimpey will build 2000-3000 homes on the site. Oliver Dowden has been campaigning for homes on the site. It is very important that we have a ‘Vision’ for Shenley for the next 10 -20 years. Ideally we need a written agreement like the ‘Radlett 200’.

    Wrotham Estate has put in an application to build 58 homes plus in exchange for building a new school on the land to the west of Well End Road and North of Potters Lane (Byng land). Discussions have been going on for some time! The homes should be part of our allocation. We need to meet with the developer.

  4. Neighbourhood Plan grants/Finance – Update: HH not present. She will be applying for the next grant. She has been told that we will have to return what we have not spent. Angela Koch told us that this it is possible to explain a change of circumstances and request that allocated money be used for something else. She has done this before for clients.
  5. Housing Questionnaire – Analysis to date – RA/GA: No further information available as RA not present. Information is needed for meeting with HBC on 7th December.
  6. Specialist Reports – Update by RG: RG confirmed that the first report, Site Allocation may be with us early December. The Housing Needs Assessment is starting shortly.
  7. Working Parties – Discuss way forward + Combined Meeting: It was agreed that it was a good idea to have a combined Working Party meeting/brainstorm in the New Year. Dates in January were discussed. To be arranged. Will be useful to have a meeting after we have got the Site Allocation report.
  8. Hertsmere Planning’s Drop-in on 13th November – Feedback: It was agreed that the Drop In session was well attended. Hopefully many people gave their feedback. NB will put copies of the 6 comments sheets in the Post Office and will advertise that they are there on all local Facebook pages. The HBC portal is not user friendly as many villagers have commented. One has to question why it is so difficult!
  9. Any Other Business: NB is concerned about Neighbourhood Plan workload. Very little support at the moment. NB & RG struggling to keep up. Needs to be discussed at next meeting.
  10. Date of next meeting: TBA


RA/GA: Complete Questionnaire analysis & publicise

NB/RG: Meetings with Hertsmere Borough Council & Oliver Dowden on 7th & 8th Dec.

NB/RG: Arrange more meetings with Stakeholders