on Tuesday 22nd August at 7pm


Attendees:     Gemma Archer, Richard Archer,  Nicky Beaton (Chair), Rosemary Gilligan, Mick Hore*, Helen Hussain (Vice Chair)*,       Josephine Lunt was also present     *Denotes attended for part of the meeting

  1. Apologies for absence:   Maureen Ashman, Steve Bury, Peter Bourton, Gavin O’Sullivan, Robert Perlmutter & Natalie Susman
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of Meetings on 13th June and 1st August approved. It was agreed that one sentence would be added to the Minutes of Meeting on 1st
  3. Housing & Development Questionnaire: Everyone very pleased with RA’s formatting.  A few amendments were made at the meeting as follows:
    • Preamble – Added a note about how the questionnaire can be returned, and the address for the online version
    • It was agreed to allow three weeks for the Questionnaire to be returned.  RA has therefore put the deadline date as 22nd September)
    • It was clarified that there will be one questionnaire per household
    • Question 20:  Rephrased the 5 options as follows:
      • Redevelopment of suitable brownfield sites if they become available (e.g. the Black Lion development).
      • Development of small sites in the green belt adjacent to existing areas of housing.
      • Infilling (e.g. building homes in gaps between existing buildings, such as gardens).
      • Redevelopment of larger properties into a number of smaller homes.
      • Larger development on current green belt land, away from existing housing, but within the Shenley parish boundary.
    • Question 23:  Changed the ranges to match the original questionnaire   Under 20, 20-29, 30-39-40-49,50-59,60-75, Over 75
    • Postamble:  Added address for the Neighbourhood Plan website
  1. Discuss How We Can Engage the Business Community – Specific Survey? NB feels that as we have had virtually no feedback from the business community we must to more to engage them.  HH questioned the need for more engagement.  There was general agreement that it was a good idea.  Specific surveys/business visits were suggested.   Agreed that Amenities & Local Services Working Group would address the issue at their next meeting.   We can look at what other Neighbourhood Plan’s have done.
  2. Update by Rosemary re Specialist Reports Application – RG briefed the meeting re the two very useful phone calls with My Community.  It looks like the negative feedback we have got from Hertsmere Planning Department will work in our favour and generate the assistance we need.  There are about six different packages we could have which include assessing Housing Needs, Infrastructure and Independent Site Assessments.   The work will be carried out by Independent Consultants.  RG will have further discussions over the next week.  We are recommended to let Hertsmere know that we are getting the reports done.  RG should hear within three weeks what we can have.  It could take about 12 weeks to get the work started.  RG was told that we would have to apply for each report separately but when speaking to My Community on Monday she was told that it might be possible to get them grouped together in one application.
  3. Discuss Radlett Neighbourhood Plan & How Drafting of Shenley Plan can be best achieved. It was agreed that it is a good idea for each Working Party to look at what Radlett have done in relation to their section as Green Belt & Heritage have started doing and start drafting as much Policy as is possible at this stage.   JL suggested that overall we should form a NP Sub committee to bring the Plan together and be in charge of making sure that the final draft is consistent in style and has the necessary content.   Once we are happy with it can be given to our Consultant for review and comment.  We will then get it reviewed by an Independent Consultant before we present it to the Community at a Public Meeting hopefully around Easter next year.   There will then be a six week consultation period.
  4. Discuss how to Increase Plan Momentum: Due to the length of time it is likely to take to get the necessary specialist reports the Timescale of SNP will be longer than we anticipated.  NB to amend Timeline accordingly.   So as to keep as on track as possible while waiting for the reports which could take 12 weeks or more we will continue to get the necessary evidence via the September Questionnaire, after that the combined Questionnaire which RA & GA are in the process of completing and also hopefully by getting some street surveys done in Shenley Park in particular.  If we later discover that there are evidence shortfalls this can be rectified.  It is hoped that all evidence will be gathered by the end of November.    The summer holidays have caused things to slow down, various meetings had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers but momentum should increase in September.
  5. Working Groups – Plan of Action for next month:    NB said that meetings for all Working Parties have been arranged and the next Steering Group meeting.  Posters are up in the Post Office, in The Hub and on St Martin’s Notice board and the Village Hall Notice board.  RA has put all dates on the website.  We will put regular notices on Facebook pages.   GA kindly offered to take over Amenities & Local Services Co-ordination.  NB very grateful to be relieved of the job.  GA will look at fixing an additional meeting prior to the one scheduled for 19th September as there has not been a meeting for some time.   All Working Party Co-Ordinators will do their best to encourage their group members to be as active as possible and spread the word!
  6. Review August & September ‘To Do List’ prepared by NB – No time to discuss. NB will circulate list.
  7. Any Other Business: None

List of Actions:

HH – To contact HBC to organise Questionnaire printing & delivery

RG – To continue discussions with My Community

GA – To Co-ordinate Amenities & Local Services group and try and get an early September meeting organised.

NB – To change Timeline to reflect recent developments. 

NB/RG – Numerous key meetings to arrange

The meeting closed at 9.30pm