on Tuesday 1st August at 7pm


Attendees:    Working Group – Richard Archer,  Nicky Beaton (Chair), Steve Bury, Rosemary Gilligan, Mick Hore, Helen Hussain (Vice Chair)*, Gavin O’Sullivan*, Robert Perlmutter*      Josephine Lunt and Debra Drinan* were also present     *Denotes attended for part of the meeting

  1. Apologies for absence:  Gemma Archer,  Maureen Ashman, Peter Bourton & Natalie Susman
  2. Approval of previous minutes: Minutes of meeting on 23rd May approved.  Minutes of Meeting on 13th June – RG wishes a couple of sentences to be added.   Will be approved at next meeting
  3. Chairman’s briefing: NB wanted to give the group some background information with regard to work going on behind the scenes.  She reminded the group that at the two detailed Neighbourhood Plan training courses attended by RG, GO and herself on 4 November 2015 and the full day Policy focused course on 24th May this year attended by NB and RG the presenter James Parker, CEO of Bishops Stortford Town Council (Bishops Stortford have one NP in place and have nearly finished their 2nd)  stressed that speaking to other Parishes going through process, reviewing other plans and consulting relevant bodies as much as possible was key to producing a good plan with the right Policies (formed as a result of the evidence gathered by all means possible from the Community).   This is being done on an on going basis and Steering Group members and Working Groups are being briefed in as timely a fashion as possible.   We have much more work to do over the next few months.  Many more Stakeholder meetings to organise.   Communication is key and the Steering Group is aware that this needs to be improved.   At all times it needs to be remembered that unlike our neighbouring Parish, Aldenham, Shenley has financial and people resource constraints.    At the moment a small group of people are doing the bulk of the work, which is not ideal and will hopefully improve.   NB reiterated that she considers that having only one Steering Group meeting a month is not sufficient for the Group to be able to cover all the topics that need to be discussed to keep SPN running on course.   There is general agreement that we need to progress SPN in a timely fashion as the protection afforded to us by having an approved plan in place is needed as soon as reasonably.    Sub meetings on different topics need to take place for all the necessary work to be done.  RG has suggested that those interested in being involved in helping to write Policy attend a Policy/Planning meeting run by RG in the near future.   A date will be organised and circulated.
  4. Housing & Development Questionnaire – Armed with the latest draft copy each question was looked at. Steering Group members given the task of looking at particular questions commented.   NS had sent her comments to HH prior to the meeting and these were noted.  All comments by Angela Koch (our Consultant) and Hertsmere Planning have been reviewed and have been incorporated into the Questionnaire where there was Steering Group agreement. Debra Drinan and Josephine Lunt attended the meeting and contributed to the discussion giving useful input which help the Group complete the final version.   RA who with GA  is formatting the Survey Monkey & PDF versions kept the meeting informed as to what was and was not possible to keep the two versions in line and workable in terms of analysis later on.   Once all questions were agreed RA confirmed that he will make all the necessary adjustments and circulate a copy for everyone including JL and DD to look at before the next Steering Group meeting on 22nd August when it will be ‘signed off’.   The Questionnaire will then be printed, together with a covering letter, to be delivered to all households at the beginning of September.  The Steering Group decided that there will be a two week deadline to return the Questionnaires.   As before RP will plug it extensively on the Parish Council and My Shenley Facebook pages.  There will be an article in the Parish Magazine, posters all round the village and appropriate follow up depending on the response.  Everything will be done to get the widest response possible.    The first Questionnaire was completed by 228 residents.
  5. Discuss Street Surveys. Helen to give summary of Fete feedback – It is agreed that we need to commence Street Surveys soon.  RA & GA have nearly completed the combined Street Survey Questionnaire.    Working Parties need to organise.   HH has sent round a summary of the Fete feedback.   Hard copies handed to NB for storage.
  6. Discuss Radlett Neighbourhood Plan Launch on 17th July & Radlett Draft Plan – 11 members of the Green Belt & Heritage Group attended and found the evening very useful. Everyone has been encouraged by JL to read the Draft Plan before the next Green Belt & Heritage meeting on Monday 7th August when it will be discussed.   All Steering Group member are encouraged to read the draft as soon as they can.
  7. Review of Draft Vision Statement – NB circulated a copy of the Draft Vision before the meeting and handed out copies with an improved layout at the meeting, which will be discussed at the next meeting.  Also handed out were first drafts of the ‘Foreword’, ‘The Executive Summary’, and the first part of the draft ‘Introduction’ prepared by NB and RG.   It is hoped that at the next Steering Group meeting other people can be tasked with working on different sections of the draft plan.
  8. Review Aims & Objectives – HH confirmed that there are no changes.
  9. Review the current policy matrix – This was not discussed due to lack of time other than HH suggested that it would be best to look at it when some policy has been written. HH to be in charge of the Policy matrix spreadsheet, following input from all policy writers and final check with RG.
  10. Working Party Progress – Summary by Co-Ordinators

Housing & Development – Combined Green Belt & Heritage & Housing & Development Working Party meeting was held on Monday 26th June.    The date of the next Housing & Development meeting needs to be fixed.  NB to contact NS.

Green Belt & Heritage – 11 members attended the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan Launch at the Radlett Centre on Monday 17th July and found it very useful.  Everyone has been asked to read the draft plan before the next meeting this coming Monday (7th August).   Josephine will get the group to review the Plan and then at the following meeting they will look at Green Belt & Heritage related policy to see what can be used to help us form our policy.

Amenities & Local Services – Unfortunately nobody attended the last meeting on Tuesday 25th July.  RG waited in the Methodist Church until 8.15pm.  She thought she had sent out a reminding email but discovered later that this had not been sent.   No back up notice was put on the Parish Facebook page or My Shenley.  RG also checked the Website to discover that NB’s notice with June/July’s Meeting dates had not been posted.  NB had put June/July Meeting Date posters up in early June on all main Notice Boards round the village and Post Office and it was on the Hub door.

 Road, Transport & Parking – JH had left but the group have commenced Road traffic surveys.

WORKING PARTIES – NB would recommend that emails are sent to members reminding them about meetings at least three days before the next meeting.  Minutes/notes of previous meeting should be included.   Reminders should ideally be put on the Parish and My Shenley Facebook pages.

  1. Review August To Do List prepared by NB: Lack of time, not fully reviewed.  Discussed briefly and copies handed out to Steering Group members still present.   RG to organise specialist surveys asap.   HH, Helen Cryer and Josephine to progress Conservation & Heritage report (HBC’s reports can be utilised).
  2. Any Other Business: None

The meeting closed at 9.45pm