on Tuesday 13th June at 6.15pm


Attendees:  Gemma Archer, Richard Archer, Maureen Ashman, Nicky Beaton (Chair), Steve Bury, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain (Vice Chair), Mick Hore,  Natalie Susman and Anthony Spencer*

*Denotes attended for part of the meeting

  1. Apologies for absence:  James Hulme,  Gavin O’Sullivan, Robert Perlmutter
  2. Approval of previous minutes: NB had not had time to complete Minutes on 23rd  Will be approved at next meeting
  3. New Agenda point – New Steering Group Members: New Steering Group members were welcomed, introductions made and existing members approved their applications to join:  Mick Hore, Maureen Ashman, Gemma and Richard Archer were therefore approved as new members of the Steering Group.
  4. Briefing – Meeting with Hertsmere Planning on 6th June – RG/NB  Meeting with Harvey Cohen, Mark Silverman and Christine Lyon discussed.  NB did pre meeting email to advise Mark what her and RG were looking to cover.  RG advised us that she has researched green belt release (handout provided).   She explained that when you see a reference to ‘safe guarded land in the Green Belt’ it does not mean that the land is protected it means that that Hertsmere has already allocated it as land to be developed should the land become available.  Hertsmere indicated that if some of the Parish land was removed from Green Belt they would be looking for us to take around 300-500 homes.  Various sites in Shenley have been put forward as a result of the ‘Call for sites’.  We are aware of three of them and will try and find out what the others are if any.  We were informed that no decisions have been taken.   It is felt that we will be asked to offer sites and so need to be prepared. Lyndhurst site and site near Well End (Bing land) were discussed.  AS advised that the current Local Plan only mentions infilling for Shenley and there would be a Borough Council meeting soon to discuss further and as far as he is aware looking for a new settlement is still a high priority.  NB followed up meeting with an email to Mark pointing out that the community places significant importance to the green belt (Questionnaire results were shared at previous meetings.  Hertsmere advised delaying the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan until the new local plan was closer to being agreed – at least a year.  NB/RG/HH felt that there should be no delay – it was unanimously voted to continue with the current timetable.  HH mentioned the need to ensure we obtain further evidence for the green belt at the Fete and in the Housing & Development Questionnaire.  NB/RG felt that a question needed to be put to the community – no new development therefore no new infrastructure, more development (approx. 500 homes) and therefore get new amenities (school, doctors etc).  RG/NB stressed that a well written plan with good policies is key to us be able to protect our green belt.  RG reminded everyone that Porters Park happened despite the land being green belt at the time!    Evidence obtained so far points to the fact that we need more 2/3 & 4 bedroomed homes and AS said we need affordable housing so that Shenley young people can stay in the village and the elderly can downsize.    NB commented that because parts of the Borough are so urban people do need to be able to come to Shenley to enjoy our countryside.
  5. Briefing – Meeting with Shenley Primary School on 8th June NB/RG – The school would like bigger premises and if there was an opportunity in the future they would be interested.  The school was contacted as they are a stakeholder in the NP.  Potential for a swap – new school built in exchange for the opportunity to convert the old school buildings and build new houses on the site.  A development of 500 houses generally equates to one new school. RG advised that this was currently being faced by Harpenden.
  6. Final Arrangements for Fete Stall – Manning, displays, surveys etc – The Guidance sheet was reviewed. Questions for the stall and the roving Questionnaire was agreed.  GA and RA to send questionnaires to everyone for final comments and then to RG to print (100 of each).  NS to email questions for the roaming questionnaire (to be asked by Toby Susman) to format and print.  NB to redistribute the Steering Group Contact sheet.
  7. Housing & Development Questionnaire – Finalise. Could not be finalised as we are awaiting comments from Ann Darnell and Mark Silverman Hertsmere Planning.  NB to chase.  Next meeting on 18th July to focus on finalising the questionnaire.  GA to liase with HH on Survey Monkey.  HH to order pre-paid envelopes (needs contact point).  It was agreed that a monthly subscription for Survey Monkey would be the most cost effective usage method.
  8. Working Groups Progress – Summary by Co-Ordinators – Lack of time, not done in detail but it was agreed that they are going well.  Next Housing & Development meeting to be combined with Green Belt & Heritage meeting on Monday 26th
  9. Review June/July To Do List prepared by NB: Lack of time, not fully reviewed.  It was agreed that RG would arrange a meeting with Herts County Council.  RG also to engage with Shenley Park Trust as a stakeholder.  RG to consider what additional support is needed from Angela Koch at the moment – to date approximately 1 hour of her time utilised.
  10. Any Other Business: None
  11. Date of next meeting:     Was to be Tuesday 18th July but due to lack of attendees the meeting was later rearranged for Tuesday 1st

The meeting closed at 8.30pm