on Tuesday 23rd May at 6pm


Attendees:  Nicky Beaton (Chair), Peter Bourton, Rosemary Gilligan, *James Hulme, Helen Hussain (Vice Chair), *Gavin O’Sullivan, Robert Perlmutter, Natalie Susman

*Denotes attended for part of the time

Apologies for absence: Stephen Bury

NB told the meeting that Jan Quinton has resigned as Green Belt & Heritage Co-Ordinator and has also resigned from the Steering Group.  The Group is very grateful for all her hard work and input and wish her well.

  1. Approval of previous minutes of meeting on 26th April 2017:   Minutes were approved
  2. Next Questionnaire, discuss & sign off:  Meeting spent over an hour thoroughly discussing the proposed Housing & Development Questionnaire.  The draft Questionnaire had been circulated prior to the meeting and various changes made as a result of feedback.  After much discussion those present approved a final version.  NB said she would forward it to our Consultant Angela Koch for feedback then send it to Mark Silverman and Ann Darnell, Hertsmere Planning Dept. for their comments as per the last Questionnaire.  If all goes to plan it is hoped that the Questionnaire will go out with Shenley Village Matters to save on costs.  HH does not believe that this is important and that it would be best if it was sent out separately.  NB feels we should try to get it out with SVM as we did with the last Questionnaire but it is likely that it will not be ready in time.  It was agreed that we would find out how much it will cost to use the Hertsmere Borough Council prepaid postage service.  NB to enquire.  The Questionnaire will also be put on Survey Monkey.  HH to ask if we can use Angela Koch’s SM.  It was noted that Debra Dinan might be able to help with layout and that Gemma Archer has offered to help set up Survey Monkey surveys.
  3. Plan the Fete Stall – Manning, displays, surveys etc:  HH agreed to co-ordinate the stall and roster.  She will prepare some questions for flip charts, arrange presentation etc.  All Working Parties to be asked to do slots and to come up with some key questions, numbers to be limited.  Due to the length of time spend discussing the Housing & Development Questionnaire it was agreed that a meeting was needed to discuss the subject in early June to finalise plans.  Date to be agreed.
  4. Discuss the use of Survey Monkey & Street Surveys:  No time to discuss.  Group agreed that we need do them as soon as we can to gather more evidence.  Evidence is key.  Working Parties will start planning their questions.
  5. Discuss NP Contents page & possible Plan Format:  NB showed group two Contents page options, one based on the Cuckfield NP the other Radlett’s.  The Cuckfield template is favoured.  We also looked at a draft NP page prepared by NB based on the Cuckfield Plan.  Positive feedback regarding the style.  Considered to be a good start.  NB is preparing various sections which can be worked on over the coming months by us all.  RG will work on draft policy with Angela Koch.  NB to assist.  NB & RG attending an all day Neighbourhood Plan training session on 24th May the emphasis of which is NP Policy.
  6. Review of draft Policy.  Look at what RG has done so far:  RG showed the group two drafts.  A good start.
  7. Census report – Discuss contents:  Everyone was given a copy of Peter Bourton’s summary.  Was also emailed to the group.  HH to ask PB to supply some additional information.
  8. Aims & Objectives – Discuss if any changes required:  None required so reapproved.
  9. Working Group – Progress – Summary by Co-Ordinators:  No time to discuss.  NB commented that as no one had come forward to Co-Ordinate the Green Belt & Heritage Working Party after Jan Quinton resigned she is having do it and as no one has come forward to co-ordinate Amenities & Local Services so she is also still having to do that.  We do need to find two co-ordinators.  NB is struggling to be Chair and do all the work that entails and be Co-ordinator of two Working Parties.  Too much work!
  10. Review May/June To Do List prepared by NB:  List read out.  Summary:  most important jobs meeting with Christine Lyons, Mark Silverman & Harvey Cohen to be fixed asap NB/RG.  NB also to arrange meeting with Shenley Primary- RG will attend.  Questionnaire to be finalised and formatted-NB.  Website to be kept up to date- HH with Dayaram – various items still to be posted.  NB/RG to arrange another meeting with Radlett Parish Council.  NB/RG to meet with Angela Koch.  We need to think about Biodiversity, Heritage & Conservation, Landscape & Green Open Space reports & surveys.  More meetings with builders and other stakeholders.  NB/RG to arrange meeting with Hertsmere County Council-Lindsey Lucas & Sarah McLoughlin.  There was no time to discuss the list.  NB commented that ideally we should be having two Steering Group meetings a month at the moment but it does not seem to be possible to find suitable dates.   There is never enough time to cover all the subjects at the monthly meetings.
  11. Any Other Business:  None
  12. Date of next business:  TBA Thurs 15 June suggested.  Later 13th June agreed taking up Housing & Development’s meeting slot at the Village Hall.  H&D meeting to be rearranged.

Meeting closed at 8.20pm