on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 6pm


Attendees:   Nicky Beaton, *Peter Bourton, *Shirley Bury, *Steve Bury, Rosemary Gilligan, James Hulme, *Helen Hussain, Gavin O’Sullivan, Jan Quinton, *Robert Perlmutter & Natalie Susman.

In attendance: Angela Koch (Neighbourhood Planning Consultant) & Amanda Leboff (Clerk to Shenley parish Council)

(* Denotes attended for only part of the meeting)

  1. Apologies for absence: There were none
  2. Approval of previous Minutes: Minutes for meeting on 11th January 2017 were agreed.

NB took the opportunity to introduce AK to the meeting and explained how she has become involved. Angela then invited all those present to introduce themselves and highlight their main interest in the plan.

  1. Working Group Training:   AK gave the meeting an overview of how the planning for the launch meeting is approached and advised to try and complete the process within 18 months. AK also advised that members of the steering committee read the 2005 Shenley Parish Plan. NB advised the meeting that some members have already read the 2005 Plan and there are copies for the newer members as well as other useful reports. AK highlighted that the Neighbourhood Plan is primarily about getting people involved.
  2. Review of proposed Launch Presentation:    AK ran through an initial presentation with the meeting and highlighted the importance of managing expectations regarding what can be achieved through a Neighbourhood Plan.  It was also suggested that the questions to be asked to the representatives from Hertsmere Borough Council at the launch meeting should be presented to them prior to attending.  This would allow them to prepare prior to the meeting.  It was also suggested that large maps be used for people to highlight areas on such as parking, work spaces, play areas etc.  This would result in at the end of the workshops there would be a definitive plan of life in Shenley. AK asked the meeting to think about ideas that would encourage the wider community to become involved with the Neighbourhood plan. Following a discussion it was agreed that a key point is ensuring local people are linked to new local affordable housing. AK also highlighted that if you have a Neighbourhood Plan then you receive 25% of all CIL monies, which can be spent on projects highlighted in the pln.  This is unlike the old system of 106 monies where spending was restricted.

The meeting agreed that the launch presentation must be as compact as possible to ensure people remain interested throughout.  It was also agreed that the results of the initial survey would be included in the presentation.

  1. Funding update including next application:   HH ran presented the spending to date and what money was still available to be spent by the end of March 2017.The money available included £3000 set aside by Shenley Parish Council and £3263 received as the initial grant from “My Community”.  HH then ran through the proposed costs where they will fit in with regards to applying for the 2 other tranches of grant available. It was agreed that a second claim would be submitted.  The meeting discussed the possibility of spending funds on a second survey.  AK offered the use of her Monkey Survey portal which the meeting gladly accepted.
  2. Working Groups – Agree who will lead each group:   HH highlighted the 4 groups as:-

Following a discussion it was agreed that the groups would be led as follows;

  • HOUSING & DEVELOPMENT – Natalie Susman
  • GREEN BELT & HERITAGE – Jan Quinton
  • AMENITIES, INFRASTRUCTURE & COMMUNITY RESOURCES – Nicky would ask PB if he would able to lead the group.

At this point the discussion moved on to appointing a chair and vice-chair.  NB explained that she had only taken on the role for an interim period but was now happy to continue

NB was nominated and duly seconded as Chair. Following a vote Nicky Beaton was duly elected. She confirmed her willingness to act in that capacity.

HH was nominated and duly seconded as vice-chair. Following a vote Helen Hussain was duly elected. She confirmed her willingness to act in that capacity.

  1. Planning for Neighbourhood Plan launch meeting on 5th April:
  • Feedback Presentation It was agreed this must be short and snappy
  • Displays NB and HH would contact Shenley Primary School as this is where the meeting will be held and see if they have any display boards, if not HBC have boards that can be borrowed.  JH suggested the use of pictures to highlight statistics such as how many cars are in Shenley etc.
  • Catering It was agreed that the food would be bought in from somewhere such as Costco or M&S.
  • Sign Up sheets  HH had previously handed out signup sheets that were approved by the meeting.
  • Flyers/Posters/Banners  RP handed out examples he had done.  Following a discussion it was agreed that JQ would meet with RP to see if these could be developed. It was agreed that the flyer should have the map of the area of the Neighbourhood Plan for people to see.
  1. Character Assessment:   Following a discussion AK was asked for her advice regarding this. It was agreed that we do not need to do one as complicated as Radlett.   If we get permission we can use the ‘Beams’ Shenley Conservation Area Appraisal 2011 prepared for Hertsmere BC as the basis.
  2. Any other business:  The meeting agreed that as 4 developers were attending the next meeting, they should be invited to attend at staggering times so as not to overlap and they should be given a specific amount of time to present.
  3. Date of the next meeting:   TUESDAY 28th March, Methodist Church at 6pm

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9pm