on Wednesday 11th January 2017



Attendees:   Nicky Beaton, Peter Bourton, Steve Bury, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain, Jan Quinton, Robert Perlmutter & Natalie Susman.

  1. Apologies for absence: Shirley Bury, James Hulme & Gavin O’Sullivan
  2. Approval of previous Minutes: Minutes for meeting on 11th  November 2016 were agreed.
  3. Questionnaire Analysis – Feedback:   HH gave the meeting copies of a summary of the Questionnaire analysis and highlighted the key findings, the main theme being that Villagers wish to keep the Green nature of the village, protect its Green Belt and discourage the building of more large homes!   HH will prepare a summary to be included in February’s Shenley Village Matters (SVM) and a fuller analysis will be posted on the website.
  4. Meeting with Aldenham Parish Council – briefing:    NB, RG & HH summarized the two hour meeting with Peter Evans, Aldenham Parish Council Manager, which took place on 21st December.   He was extremely helpful, fully discussing Radlett’s Neighbourhood Plan journey to date, pointing out the pitfalls and advising us what to do in the early stages.  He handed over a copy of Radlett’s draft Neighbourhood Plan!   He also recommended their Consultant, Angela Koch of Imagine Places, who has immense experience in all aspects of Neighbourhood Planning.  NB, HH & RG met with her for 1 ½ hours prior to the meeting and she stayed on to introduced herself to the Steering Committee before going on to a meeting in Radlett.  It is recommended that everyone looks at Angela’s website – www.ImaginePlaces.co.uk to get a good idea of how she is going to be able to help us.
  5. Character Assessment – briefing:   RG explained what is involved.  We need to find people to help us carry out the detailed work.  NB is collecting photos of Shenley properties.  We need to get more information from Peter Evans and Angela Koch.
  6. Funding Application & Consultant:   HH has started completing the on line funding application form.  She had some queries and gave everyone copies of the form so that the group could agree what figures should be entered for the cost of banners, flyers and posters, hall hire etc.  Monies are initially being claimed for expenses up to the end of March after which a further claim will have to be made.  A sum was included to cover the cost of Neighbourhood Plan website inputting.  Angela Koch has suggested that we have double sided business cards to hand out, it worked very well in Kentish Town!  HH recommended that we pay £300 to have Survey Monkey for a year – this was agreed.
  7. Census Analysis:   PB gave a briefing of the work he has carried out to date.  It would appear that the categories of the 2011 Census are slightly different to the 2001 Census.  It was agreed that PB will focus on the key information.  He will come up with a draft summary for consideration at the next meeting.  The population of Shenley is around 5500, slightly less that it was in 2001 which was a surprise.
  8. Working Groups:   As it was agreed that the inaugural meeting will be delayed until the beginning of April everyone can give more thought as to which Working Groups they wish to be involved with.  The subject will be discussed at the next meeting.
  9. Discuss content of article for February’s SVM: HH will prepare a summary of the Questionnaire analysis mentioning key conclusions.  NB will circulate a draft article for comment.
  10. Fix a date for the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Launch Meeting:   27th February was initially considered but rejected as there is not enough time to get funding in place.   Dates in March were difficult.  NS suggested that the first week in April would be a good idea as the clocks will have gone forward giving us more light.  A more encouraging environment for us to try and get the Village engaged!   NB to find out what nights the main Village Hall is available.  We can also consider using Shenley Primary School Hall.   RG confirmed the Park Chapel hire charges, £25 per hour.   It was agreed that we do not need to hire such a big space.  NB commented that Radlett only had around 62 people at their launch meeting, it has a much bigger population so it is unlikely that we will get a bigger attendance at our first meeting.    RP agreed to get some banner, flyer and poster designs for us to look at.   It was agreed that we will have at least 3 large banners and 1800 flyers (same figure used for SVM and the Questionnaire).    People liked the draft Neighbourhood Plan logo using the Parish Council logo, the words Parish & Council removed from the bottom, but another idea was to use the child’s Cage Pond drawing as a logo.   RP to look at this.  Everyone liked PB’s suggested headline ‘Planning the Future of Shenley’.
  1. Discuss Launch Presentation and format of meeting:   As it was decided to hold the Launch meeting in early April there was no need to discuss presentation and format.  It will be covered at the next meeting.

12:  Any other business:  RB discussed the letter HBC received from Gemma Nicholson, Planning Officer – Spatial Planning & Economy Unit Minerals & Waste Team, Herts County Council and advised us.  No action required at the moment.      It was agreed that we will probably have to invest in some local searches but RG pointed out that Hertsmere Borough Council Planning Dept. are supposed to help us.

13:  Date of the next meeting:   TUESDAY 21st February, Methodist Church at 6pm

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.20pm