Attendees:   Nicky Beaton, Peter Bourton, Steve Bury, Shirley Bury, Rosemary Gilligan, Helen Hussain and Gavin O’Sullivan.

  1. Apologies for absence: Robert Perlmutter, Dayaram Nakrani & James Hulme
  2. Appointment of Acting Chair: NB proposed that the Neighbourhood Steering Committee appointed an Acting Chair to lead the Committee until the next public meeting to be arranged in early March.  It was agreed that at the meeting in March other attendees would be able to put their name forward to stand for the position.   NB was duly elected as Acting Chairman.  It was agreed that there will be 12 Committee members including 5 Parish Councillors (NB, RG, HH GO and RP).  PB, SB and SB have agreed to be Committee members. We need to find three more members.   All people who have given their contact details on the Questionnaire will be contacted to see if they are interested in joining the Committee or any of the Working Parties.
  3. Steering Groups Terms of Reference: The meeting agreed to adopt the proposed Steering Group Terms of Reference.  It was agreed that we do not need to have a separate Neighbourhood Plan website.  We will ask DN to add a section to the Village website.  RG and PB to look into what funding is available to help cover our costs over the next couple of years.  This needs to be done asap.
  4. Discuss Neighbourhood Plan Timescale: The meeting agreed with the proposed Neighbourhood Plan Timescale.
  5. Working Groups: It was agreed that these would be organised at a later date.
  6. Fix date for Meeting in Village Hall: As soon as we have been notified by Hertsmere Borough council that our application for designation of the neighbourhood area which the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan is intended to cover has been approved we will fix a date for the next public meeting in the Village Hall.  We hope that the meeting will take place in the first two weeks of March.
  7. Questionnaires: There was a lot of discussion about the content of the 130 completed questionnaires we have received.   Comments from the first 95 questionnaires were circulated prior to the meeting.  HH & PB to look at the best way to analyse the data and ultimately present the information obtained.   It was agreed that we will do everything we can to encourage people – residents, local businesses and people working in Shenley to complete Questionnaires over the next couple of weeks.  NB, HH, PB & GO will complete the visits to local businesses.  SB to stand outside Shenley Primary School.  NB to take Questionnaires to the Village Hall on 13th & 14th November.   There will be more posters and notices on the Website and Facebook.
  8. Any other business: There being no other business the meeting closed at 4.30pm

Date of the next meeting to be agreed by email.

James Hulme has since agreed to be a Committee member.