On Thursday 21st February members of the Steering Group supported by Angela Koch our Shenley Plan Consultant (ImaginePlaces) underwent a 4 ½  hour Mock Exam/Health Check.  Ann Darnell and Vincent Maher from Hertsmere Planning Department were present and contributed to the long session.  The Mock Exam examiner was Tony Burton who did the Radlett Plan Health Check last year.   He is a Plan Inspector and he also helps other Steering Groups develop their plans.   We all agreed that it was an extremely useful exercise.   Armed with Tony’s recommendations and comments from Ann and Vincent, Angela revised the Shenley Plan.   During the meeting Tony noted that we had asked Hertsmere Planning for an indicative housing figure for Shenley.  He told Ann and Vincent that as we had requested a figure it should be given to us.  After the meeting we received an email telling us that they are were still not able to give us a figure but we will keep trying to get this information.


After the Regulation 14 Consultation which took place between 7th June and 28th September all Consultation responses and Consultation survey results were analysed by Angela Koch.    A draft Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statements were prepared.    The Basic Conditions Statement explains how the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.

With the approval of the Steering Group, using Tony Burton’s Mock Examination recommendations and further comments from Hertsmere Planning the Shenley Plan was amended and a draft Regulation 16 Plan was presented to the Steering Group on 26 March.   Further minor changes and corrections were made before the Plan was given full approval by the Steering Group and on 2nd April Shenley Parish Council also gave it’s approval.


On 29th March Nicky Beaton (Chair), Rosemary Gilligan (Vice-Chair, William Susman (Chair SPC), Anthony Spencer Cllr SPC & Borough Councillor  Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) , Angela Koch ImaginePlaces and David Carlisle AECOM had a 2 ½ meeting with Adrien Waite (Head of Planning HBC) and Mark Silverman (Planning Policy Team Leader HBC).

The meeting was more constructive than previous meetings.   When asked about the latest information about numbers for Hertsmere Adrien Waite said 10,700 but the figure could be amended.  He could not give us an indicative figure for Shenley.   We continue to be concerned about the numbers Shenley will be expected to have.   With regard to the Local Plan we were told that much work has to be done to assess all the sites put forward before HBC Planning can decide which sites should be recommended.    It is worth looking on the HBC website, Planning section to see the report relating to last year’s consultation.  We are pleased that in the Planning for Growth, Overview of responses from the general public February 2019 ‘Potential sites for housing and employment’ there were 178 responses relating to Shenley sites and 542 different points raised.  We suggest that you take a look.

At the meeting different Shenley Plan policies were discussed.  It was agreed that we would send the revised Regulation 16 Shenley Plan to Mark Silverman on Friday 5th April.   This was done.


The SEA Screening is the next process that the Shenley Plan has to undergo.   The Plan was officially submitted to Hertsmere as planned on 5th April.   We have just received notification that the SEA Screening process has started.   HBC have prepared their SEA Screening Opinion April 2019 for consultation with Statutory Consultees (Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency.  It is also good practice for them to consult with local and regional bodies responsible for wildlife, geological and landscape designations (e.g.  the Herts Environmental Records Centre, local wildlife trusts, geological societies and landscape conservation bodies).

HBC will allow at least 6 weeks for Statutory Consultees to respond.   They will give consideration to any comments and will then reach a screening determination.  If HBC determine that an SEA is required then Shenley Parish Council, supported by its Steering Group, are responsible for its production and it must form part of the material that is consulted on once the formal consultation stage is reached (Reg 16 Consultation).  AECOM have confirmed that we will be able to get government funded technical support to get an SEA done if it is needed and AECOM do them and could do ours.   We hope that we will hear in late May that a SEA is not required!


We had hoped that approval might be gained in May but it now looks like our Plan will not be submitted to the Executive Committee until June at the earliest.   Having to do an SEA would delay the submission.  We will keep you posted.


After the SEA process has been completed and the Shenley Plan has been approved for Regulation 16 Consultation it will commence the Reg 16 Consultation a process which is managed by Hertsmere.   The Consultation will last a minimum of 6 weeks but could take a little longer.   Hertsmere will deal with all notifications and publicity.    All Statutory Consultees and Shenley residents and other interested parties will be able to submit comments.

It is now looking like the earliest that Reg. 16 Consultation can commence will be in June/July and it will therefore take until mid September to complete but this timescale may have to change depending what happens with regard to the SEA.

We therefore hope that our Plan will go to the Inspector in September/October so that a Referendum can be held in late Autumn or at the lastest at the end of the year if things go to plan and we don’t experience complications.   That is our aim.

The Regulation 16 Shenley Plan will be available on the Shenley Village website to be read after the SEA Screening has been completed.     The old Regulation 14 Plan will be removed shortly.   Also once the SEA Screening has been completed Angela can complete the Basic Conditions Statement and these too will be posted on the website

Please note that when we start the Regulation 16 Consultation we will ensure that there are physical copies of the Reg 16 Shenley Plan around the village as before – at The Hub, The Post Office, Shenley Park Orchard Tea Rooms and Gateway Surgery.


We are looking to hold a big public meeting in The Chapel in the Park in June/July to present the revised Regulation 16 Shenley Plan to residents.

Nicky Beaton

Chair Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on behalf of the Steering Group