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  • The Planning Committee is constituted as a Standing Committee of Shenley Parish Council.
  • The Planning Committee has delegated powers to consider all planning applications and to respond to them for the Parish Council.
  • These terms of reference are to be reviewed annually at the Annual Meeting


  • The Planning Committee will consist of four councillors
  • A representative from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be a member of the Planning Committee in an advisory role.
  • Other members of the public will be invited to advise the committee when it is felt necessary.
  • Only the Councillors will have voting rights.
  • A quorum shall consist of three members.


  • The Committee will meet as required, with a minimum of 3 days clear notice given.
  • The Chairman of the Planning Committee or Parish Clerk may call additional Planning Committee meetings as and when necessary to ensure that all Planning Applications received can be discussed and replied to within the timescale.
  • A record of all planning applications, the responses of the Parish Council and the decisions taken by the planning authority will be recorded in the minutes of the Parish Council.
  • The Clerk will minute all meetings of the Planning Committee and the minutes will be forwarded by e-mail to Committee members and all members of the Parish Council.  The minutes will be submitted to the Parish Council at the next meeting for adoption.
  • The Clerk is responsible for submitting the responses to the Planning Authority.


  • The Committee has delegated executive powers to consider all planning applications pertaining to Shenley Parish and to respond to Hertsmere Borough Council Planning Authority
  • To take into account the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan when making representations to the Local Planning Authority on applications for planning permission which have been notified to the Council.
  • Any controversial applications shall be referred to the full Parish Council.  A time sensitive response may be made by the Committee Chairman or Clerk following a majority decision by the Committee.  Any two Councillors may request an application be deferred for a meeting of the Full Parish Council.
  • To study relevant plans, visit relevant sites and consider any comments from members of the parish before coming to a decision.
  • To consider whether to canvass opinion for and against applications to assist with a fair determination of applications.
  • To ensure that all relevant parties are given an adequate hearing if they request this in accordance with the Council’s standing orders.
  • Generally to recommend to the Parish Council how it should respond to each planning application.
  • To ensure that any objections or recommendations are based solely on planning criteria.
  • To consider environmental aspects when considering planning applications.
  • To monitor the general environment of the parish and report to the planning authorities any potential planning breaches.
  • To respond on behalf of the Parish Council when a time sensitive response is required.
  • To respond to all consultations regarding planning issues or issues that will have an impact on planning the Committee is authorised to make written representation or to elect a member to attend the hearing.
  • Wherever possible, a member of the Planning Committee is to be nominated to attending Planning Authority’s meetings, as necessary.
  • All correspondence shall be conducted through the Parish Council Clerk wherever possible.
  • When an application is subject to an appeal the Committee is authorised to make written representation or to elect a member to attend the hearing.
  • To attend planning training sessions as offered by the planning authority and to read all relevant documentation to ensure that the Committee is aware of current legislation and regulations.
  • The Parish Clerk will communicate to the Local Planning Authority the Committee’s decision in respect of applications considered.


  • Cllr Nicky Beaton
  • Cllr Rosemary Gilligan
  • Cllr Annie Keen
  • Cllr Sharon Madsen
  • Cllr Gavin O’Sullivan