These pages relates to the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.

It is not the same as the Hertsmere Local Plan.

The presented vision and objectives guided the development of the Neighbourhood Plan Policies, potential Shenley Neighbourhood Development Order and our identified Community Priority Projects. The objectives were shaped by what was learnt from engaging with residents and businesses, officers and from analysis of facts, figures and local trends.

Our vision is that in 2036 Shenley will have maintained and improved its distinctive attractive character as a beautiful rural village. A setting that has evolved over ten centuries, surrounded by highly valued open countryside most of which is still actively farmed with an active and diverse community served well by its amenities and facilities including an improved walking, cycling and public transport provision. This will be achieved by:

  1. Retaining the rural village character, its openness and setting.
  2. Protecting the Green Belt including many hectares of arable farming land from inappropriate development
    and loss of biodiversity.
  3. Protecting, conserving and enhancing green and open spaces, trees and woodlands within and around the village.
  4. Providing and maintaining leisure and recreation facilities that meet the requirements of the population including sporting
    activities and open activity exercise areas. This to include the replacement of the old sports pavilion in Harris Lane and
    projects identified as Community Priority Projects.
  5. Securing new Parish Council offices and co-working space for local people providing suitable sized offices,
    storage and meeting room/ community facilities to better serve the needs of the growing community.
  6. Supporting appropriate development to allow local community, retail, business and commercial activities meeting the changing needs as the village grows. We have identified three central areas where community facilities and services
    and improvements of the public realm shall be focused on.
  7. Ensuring that housing development includes smaller and affordable properties for first time buyers and our aging population thus helping to keep more young people and older people in the village. Including supporting downsizing local
    households in releasing properties for growing families.
  8. Creating a new rural edge to the western part of village in keeping with the village and bringing the community together.
  9. Providing needed health and medical facilities within easy walking distance of all residents and
    that our education establishments are inspiring places and fit for purpose.
  10. Providing an effective public transport service seven days a week and commuter shuttle services to nearby train stations.
  11. Maintaining all existing rights of way, footpaths, bridleways and cycleways and creating new ones to establish a convenient, attractive and safer linked-up network.
  12. Creating a safer and healthier London Road, Black Lion Hill and Porters Park Drive for all, identifying and implementing
    measures which are sensitive to the needs of our young and those less able. We want to achieve that by managing traffic
    speed, volume, noise and poor air quality generated by the large number of through traffic.

There are also emerging ideas for Community Priority Projects which the Plan wishes to address through co-operation with other statutory bodies and with the use of monies from the Community Infrastructure Levy and other funding sources.