Shenley Neighbourhood Plan is making good progress. The Steering Group and four Working Parties (Housing & Development, Green Belt & Heritage, Amenities & Local Services and Roads, Transport & Parking) have had many meetings since the Launch on 5th April. A big thank you to all participants. Inevitably the holiday season had an effect regarding people’s availability which has meant that over the last 6 weeks it has been more difficult to get sufficient numbers for key meetings so a few have had to be cancelled. Now that most people have had their holidays I am hoping that momentum will increase again such that we will make more progress over the next few months.

The Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire that I mentioned in the June edition of Shenley Village Matters has been approved and will be delivered to all households and businesses shortly. The delay in sending it out was due to the length of time it took to get feedback from Hertsmere Borough Council’s Planning Department. An August Questionnaire delivery did not seem sensible so the Steering Group agreed it would be sent out in September when people were likely to be back from summer holidays and more likely to respond. It is important that we get a good response and we ask everyone to complete and return Questionnaires as quickly as possisble. Just pop them in the addressed prepaid envelopes provided or drop them by hand into the Parish Council Office, The Hub, the Post Office or Shenley Estates. Hand delivery will save us money!

If you prefer to complete the Questionnaire on line via Survey Monkey please go to the Council website and follow the instructions.

There is still a lot of work to do over the next couple of months and we really do need your help. Neighbourhood Planning is about development and there is no doubt that are going to have to accept some development in Shenley. We will do all we can to keep it to the minimum possible. Having a good Neighbourhood Plan in place will give us a real say in any development we do have which is why everyone should get involved and have a say. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you take part in the process. Shenley is your village. It is a lovely green village. We are surrounded by beautiful countryside and we must do all we can to protect it.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Roads, Transport & Parking – Wed 6th Sept. Methodist Church 7pm
  • Housing & Development – Thurs 7th Sept. Village Hall 7.15pm
  • Green Belt & Heritage – Mon 11th Sept. Methodist Church 6.30pm
  • Steering Group – Tues 12th Sept. Methodist Church 7pm
  • Amenities & Local Services – Tues 19th Sept. Methodist Church 6.30pm

The meeting dates are listed on the main notice boards in the village – the Village Hall notice board, St Martin’s Community Board, The Hub, The Parish Council Andrew Close Notice board and in Shenley Convenience Store/Post Office window.  The dates are also listed on the village website and will be posted on the Parish Facebook page and My Shenley.  All meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.  Please let us know if you plan to come to a particular meeting as we need to know that the meeting rooms are big enough to accommodate the number of people wishing to attend.  If you have any queries please call Amanda Leboff on 01923 855865 or email neighbourhoodplan@shenleyvillage.org

Do help as much as you can. We really do need your support. Thank you.

Nicky Beaton,Chair Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group