I am delighted to report that the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Launch Meeting held at Shenley Primary School on Wednesday 5th April from 6.30 until 9 pm was a great success. We were expecting 51 people to turn up but the Community was even more supportive than we anticipated Рdouble the number came along! Thank you to everyone who joined us. Your support was much appreciated.

I hope that all who attended now know more about Neighbourhood Planning and what having a Shenley Neighbourhood Plan in place will mean for the Village.

As soon as we can we will upload lots of information onto the Website including a link to our Consultant Angela Koch’s presentation plus other useful links.

We also hope that you found Mark Silverman’s presentation informative. Mark is Hertsmere Borough Council’s Policy & Transport Manager. A big thank you to Mark and Ann Darnell (Hertsmere BC Planning Officer) for joining us on Wednesday.

I would like to extend huge thanks to the Steering Committee for all their hard work preparing for the launch meeting and on the night.

Because so many people joined us we had quite a job making sure that everything was put back in the right place, under Barry’ guidance, so as not to inconvenience school staff. Thank you very much, Shenley Primary School for letting us use your School Hall and dining area.

Finally thanks to Amanda Leboff our wonderful Clerk for her support and to Guy Beaton who does a lot behind the scenes.

We have now launched the Working Parties. Thank you to all who signed up on Wednesday and who took the time to give us valuable input.

You can see some of the results in the photos I am attaching to this article.

Please, will you note the dates for the first Working Party meetings and for the next Steering Committee Meeting.

All meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Please, will you let me know that you are coming to a particular meeting as we need to know that the meeting rooms are big enough to accommodate the number of people wishing to attend.

I will finish by saying thank you very much to all Villagers and people with links to the Village who have given us their views to date via the Questionnaire and at Wednesday night’s Launch Meeting.

I ask those who haven’t given their views/ideas to come forward.

Please do attend the Working Party meetings or contact us.

Canvassing will take place in prominent places in the Village over the next few months. We need everyone’s support over the next four months as we must collect as much evidence as possible to be able to make a draft Plan which will reflect the views of the whole community.

In September we will hold another big event, hopefully in the Chapel, to present the results of our findings and gather more feedback from you.


Thank you.

Planning our future together!

Contact: neighbourhoodplan@shenleyvillage.org if you have any queries.

With regard to attendance at any of the meetings please contact nicky.beaton@shenleyvillage.org

Nicky Beaton,

Chair Steering Committee