What sites does Hertsmere's Draft Local Plan propose for development?

Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Development Sites

This diagram is taken from page 25 of the Draft Local Plan. The areas in yellow are “growth locations”, so are basically where development is proposed in the Plan. If you want to view all the sites across Hertsmere, the relevant section of the Plan starts here (opens the consultation portal).

As you can see, the biggest development is a new “garden village” above Shenley where Willows Farm is (called Bowman’s Cross), plus development at Well End in the form of housing and the new “Media Quarter”. All these sites could potentially have a huge impact on Shenley. We will go into more detail about sites that we believe will affect Shenley below, with links to view and comment on the relevant section of the Local Plan.

Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Site S1 Shenley Grange

S1: Shenley Grange

Land off London Road.

It has the potential for 240 homes (140 homes + 100 senior care housing).

Hertsmere are proposing to take this site out of the Green Belt, allowing for denser housing than desirable for a rural area.

Part of the site is right next to the Spinney, which needs to be protected.

See pages 106-107 of Local Plan

Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Site Hel390 Harris Lane

HEL390: Harris Lane, Shenley

Land off Harris Lane, up to 50 homes proposed.

Increased traffic around playing fields and narrow roads of Rectory and Mimms Lane, causing potential risk to children and other users. No road improvements included.

Land will be taken out of Green Belt. This could lead to high density housing, not in keeping with the Shenley Plan, and would spoil the village’s rural edge.

See page 119 of Local Plan

Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Site Be3 Cowley Hill

BE3: Land to East of Cowley Hill, Borehamwood

Land between Cowley Hill and Well End Road.

This site is listed under the Borehamwood section but is in Shenley Parish.

It has potential for 800 homes.

This could also have a significant impact on the traffic through Shenley, especially when combined with the new Media Quarter in the same area.

See pages 82-83 of Local Plan

Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Site R3 Radlett Lane

R3: Land South of Shenley Road, Radlett

Land along Radlett Lane just before Radlett.

Has potential for 195 new homes.

One access point for the site is right next to a sharp bend on Radlett Lane, which could be dangerous and disrupt traffic flow.

Site is not in Shenley Parish, but we believe could be of concern to Shenley residents.

See pages 104-105 of Local Plan

Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Site Ns1 Bowmans Cross

NS1: Bowman’s Cross

This area of Green Belt Land within Shenley Parish  is being considered for a New Garden Village with leisure, educational and employment/business facilities.

Initially 2400 homes proposed, with capacity for up to 6000 homes.

With no new transport infrastructure provisions in place, this could have a significant impact on the traffic and congestion in and around Shenley, especially if people commute to/from Borehamwood and new Media Quarter.

Pages 110-3 of Local Plan

Smaller Housing Sites

Porters Park Golf Club : 40 houses 

  • Off Radlett Lane (on the bend in the road where it floods !!), opposite the Radlett Lane site
  • Unclear where the Club house will be relocated – possibly closely to Shenley Park

Lyndhurst: 10 houses

  • Off Green Street, near Cowley Hill site

Green Street : 5 houses

  • Exact location not specified in the Plan

Well End Lodge: 15 houses

  • Next to the Scout Hut

Cumulatively these smaller sites will have an impact on Shenley and surrounding area including more congestion.

Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Special Policy Area Media Quarter

Special Policy Area – E6: Media Quarter

Current Sky Studios Elstree development (Site A) has 12 sound stages – up to an additional 34 sound stages proposed in this area.

Will potentially have a huge impact on commuter traffic through Shenley. Also, Well End/Silverhill are narrow country roads which could become dangerous with increased traffic/large vehicles.

Will replace a large area of equestrian facilities (Strangeways).

See pages 134-138 of Local Plan