Hertsmere's Draft Local Plan - Have Your Say!

Engagement on Hertsmere’s Draft Local Plan started on Monday 11 October, and will run until Monday 6 December.

Hertsmere want to build 12,160 homes in the Borough in the next 16 yrs. 2000+ homes will be in Shenley Parish with 350 in ‘Shenley Village’. Have your say!

The council are obliged to take note of all feedback, so it is vitally important for the future of our village that you take the time to find out about the Local Plan and feed back your views.

You can now send a ‘one-click’ email to object to the Local Plan, please see https://save-hertsmere.com/shenley/ for more details.

For more information on the Plan and how to comment, please see below.

What is Hertsmere's Draft Local Plan?

Hertsmere’s Draft Local Plan sets out how the borough will be developed over at least the next 15 years. It is intended to be adopted in 2022, with building starting in 2023. You can read the full Draft Plan here (opens in a new tab), or paper copies are available to borrow at Shenley Post Office.

It is a long and complex document (241 pages plus supplementary docs), so this page intends to give you help in understanding what parts of the Plan may affect Shenley Parish, and how you can have your say.

The Parish Council held a public meeting and Zoom meetings about the Local Plan in October – this is a good starting point for understanding the Plan, where in Shenley it might affect, and how you can have your say. A copy of the slides and the recorded presentation are available below.

For more detailed information and how to comment, please see the links below.