Hertsmere Draft Local Plan Meetings (Run by Shenley Parish Council)

Shenley Parish Council are hosting public meetings covering details of the Hertsmere Draft Local Plan on the following dates:
WEDNESDAY 13 OCTOBER 2021, 7pm at THE CHAPEL in Shenley Park
Presentation: 7.30pm, Q&A: 8.30-9.30pm
TUESDAY 19 OCTOBER 2021 – 7pm
Meeting ID: 965 2400 2246 Passcode: 702680
THURSDAY 21 OCTOBER 2021 – 7pm
Meeting ID: 940 9144 4358 Passcode: 846373
The presentations will help you understand what the Draft Local Plan implications are in relation to Shenley and the Borough. Hertsmere want to build 12,160 homes in the Borough in the next 16 yrs. 2000+ homes will be in Shenley Parish with 350 in ‘Shenley Village’. Please see www.hertsmerelocalplan.com for more information. Have your say!

These pages relates to the Hertsmere Local Plan.

It is not the same as the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.

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Engagement to get under way on Hertsmere's draft Local Plan

Agreement has been reached to seek residents’ views on Hertsmere’s draft Local Plan by undertaking a wide-reaching public engagement exercise.

It was agreed at last night’s full council meeting (Thursday 30 September) that residents should get the chance to have their say on the draft Local Plan during a six-week engagement period which will start on Monday 11 October.

The draft plan sets out how the borough could grow over the next 15 years and beyond, by providing homes for the next generation as well as the infrastructure and jobs needed to support this growth. It outlines how Hertsmere will meet the central government requirements to plan for at least 760 homes per year in the borough until 2038.

It is available to view at www.hertsmerelocalplan.com along with further information, including summaries of what the plan covers, what it could mean for each of the borough’s main areas, an overview of the next steps and frequently asked questions.

You will be able to register your views from Monday 11 October either by completing a short survey or by visiting Hertsmere’s online portal, both of which can be accessed via the website.

There will be a further opportunity to comment on the final plan next year, before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for formal examination.