Shenley Cage, Pond and Sign

Council Meeting & Events

Shenley Parish Council meetings are normally on the first Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise stated.

If you need to contact the Parish Clerk about anything please visit Contact page.

For past minutes of any previous Parish Meeting please visit Parish Documents page.

Below are the up and coming Parish Meeting and Agenda:

  • Tue 3 Oct 2023
  • Tue 7 Nov 2023
  • Tue 5 Dec 2023
  • Tue 2 Jan 2024
  • Tue 6 Feb 2023
  • Tue 5 March 2023 – Annual Parish Meeting
  • Tue 2 April
  • Tue 7 May – Annual Parish Council Meeting

Fight the Freight

We continue investigations and planning for a Judicial Review to prevent GRIDLOCK and POLLUTION Stop The Frieight Logo


The Rail Freight Interchange is not feasible for a rail interchange so will bring, daily, thousands of additional HGVs and other vehicle movements to our already congested roads. Our roads will become less safe to use and the air quality in St Albans will become even more polluted. The engineering work on the Elstree tunnels, that is needed to accommodate freight wagons on the Thameslink line, would cause months and months of disruption to the busy commuter services so this is likely to never happen and be replaced by HGVs only and will no longer be a strategic piece of infrastructure.

The land required to build the site is currently owned by Herts County Council. Residents of St Albans and surrounding areas have been informed, without consultation, that this land will be sold to SEGRO for the development of the rail freight interchange.

Support this fight:Stop The Frieight Donate Now Qr Code


  • Join the mailing list – Keep informed – write to us here info@savestalbans.com
  • We need expertise – let us know if you can help
  • Any Information relevant – Let us know so we can use it

Keep up the pressure on the County Councilors and MPs to STOP this travesty