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Land Adjacent And To The Rear Of 52 Harris Lane Shenley Hertfordshire
Construction of 46 dwellings with associated landscaping and open space to include access from Harris Lane. (Outline Application with Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale Reserved)

At the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 5th July, the Parish Council OBJECTED to the application on the grounds that: –

• The Parish Council OBJECTED to building anything on this Green Belt site.
• The Parish Council NOTED and took into account the swell of local opinion against this application.
• The proposal to build on the Green Belt land is covered in the NPPF which clearly states that only in “exceptional circumstances” should building on Green Belt sites be acceptable. The Parish Council believe that the application does not meet the NPPF clause of “exceptional circumstances”

• Arup the highly respected consultancy group in the UK and across the world produced a Green Belt assessment for Hertsmere Borough Council and in their “Inset Village Boundary Assessment – Final Report March 2021” refers to the proposed development site (SH.5) under Recommended Boundary stating: “It is recommended that no alterations are made to this section of Green Belt boundary.

• Rural Shenley covers a substantial area of the Parish and includes the location of the site. Close to Mimms Lane and Rectory Lane with fields, agricultural land, and woodland. This is an area of unquestionable beauty with views enjoyed by many, not only people living in Shenley but across the Borough. The view from Harris Lane site entrance gate is outstanding and marks the beginning of a walk into Rural Shenley via Mimms Lane and this would be destroyed forever!
• The increase in traffic cannot be ignored with its impact on Harris Lane, the village, and Mimms Lane and Rectory Lane using short cuts. Potentially over an additional hundred cars, Harris Lane is narrow and with parking often difficult to manoeuvre. It should be remembered that Harris Lane is a “country Lane”.
• The proposed density is twice that of the surrounding area and is substantially more so in the recently approved Cowley Hill Stables, Ridge Hill Stables and Garden Centre in London Road.